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in Barcelona, Spain

When I was traveling solo around Europe this summer, I used Couchsurfing to meet new people. Zack was at the weekly Couchsurfing event in Barcelona and I feel so lucky to have met him! I enjoyed our conversations about life, and he showed me the best shop to grab an authentic batido milkshake. After just a few short days of hanging in the city, I felt as though I had known him for years.

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in San Francisco, CA, USA

Caitlyn is amazing! I loved spending time with her, and her openness and caring nature was so genuine and refreshing. When my suitcase didn't arrive until my second day, she was kind enough to loan me the comfiest pajamas to wear to sleep that first night, thank you again! A highlight of my trip includes celebrating her birthday with a dance party in the living room. Hope to see you again soon!

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