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Mont Royal Summer Camp Vol. 11

Organized by flohfish


Registration and tickets at:



This year's special:
The Wedding of Inga and Floh

Bringing people together: All genders. All nationalities. All ages.

Wine and history meets unique landscape.

Located in the Moselle valley in the heart of Europe.

Easily accessible: 4 airports, 4 highways, 1 train station, 1 harbor.

What do you get?

bonfire - camping - music - workshops - culture - excursions - landscape - summer - friends & family

  1. DAYO

    Waterford, County Waterford, Ireland

    Fligths booked .will arrive a few days early on the saturday before the camp

  2. Herman Schepens

    Gent, Vlaanderen, Belgium

    Thanks for the invitation. If i can make it, i'll be there.

  3. Dalius Daunoras

    Nürnberg, Bayern, Germany

    I will go with car, so if someone is interested to go there we can join forces :D i will go from Nürnberg.

  4. swannyz

    Weiden, Bavaria, Germany

    Lets go

  5. Ivan_from_Peru

    München, Bayern, Germany

    Dalius, We are two from Munich, if you still have space we will happy to come with you, we will pitch money for the gas, we can play dj and bring snacks for the long ride

  6. Daniel Garcia Pradales

    Brighton, England, United Kingdom

    Some further info??? Will be my first time :)

  7. Ivan_from_Peru

    München, Bayern, Germany

    Is it going to properly camping? everyone staying in a hostel? cabins? I have to book transportation with the proper equipment (if needed)

  8. Inga Fischer

    Köln, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

    Hi Ivan!
    It will be a proper camping. The exact location is https://www.google.de/maps/place/49%C2%B058'14.1%22N+7%C2%B006'52.7%22E/@49.970588,7.1124393,513m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d49.970588!4d7.114628
    There is a hut for parties and a loan around to camp. We will post more information online on a proper webpage soon.

  9. Ivan_from_Peru

    München, Bayern, Germany

    thanks for the quick reply

  10. Inga Fischer

    Köln, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

    And you can find more info from the last year here: https://eventbabel.com/events/mont-royal-summer-camp-vol-10/

  11. flohfish

    Köln, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

    Here we go again!
    Mont Royal Summer Camp Vol. 11


    Check out also the first draft of our program:

    We are still looking for volunteers, ready to organize workshops - Get in contact!
    We’ll constantly be updating the information, so stay tuned! Please use the forum as a central platform for questions and exchange.
    There might be some issues, displaying this page on a mobile device correctly; So you better check this page out on your PC

  12. flohfish

    Köln, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

    The first draft of our program!
    We will add and update this program constantly.
    stay tuned at:

    Tuesday, 18th of July 2017
    20:00: Pre Party

    ​Wednesday, 19th of July 2017
    10:00: Setting Up the Camp

    ​Thursday, 20th of July 2017
    Morning & afternoon: Hiking Tour (Ediger-Eller - Cochem)
    20:00: Quiz Evening
    22:30: Acoustic Bonfire Night

    ​Friday, 21st of July 2017
    All day: Sauna Fun
    Morning & afternoon: workshops and presentations
    Afternoon & evening: Le Bar Sauvage
    20:00: Wine Tasting
    23:00: Live Music Night with ​*magret.* & *Audiorevolte

    Saturday, 22nd of July 2017
    all day: Sauna Fun
    Wedding of Inga & Floh
    ​11:00: Boat Trip (Traben - Wolf)
    12:45: Wedding Ceremony
    13:45: Wedding Procession (Hiking Tour Wolf - Mont Royal)
    16:00: Polterhochzeit
    19:00: International Night (Bring food and drinks from home & share)
    21:00: Shut Up and Dance!

    Sunday, 23rd of July 2017
    morning: Sauna Fun
    morning: Frühschoppen - Early Morning Wine Tasting
    afternoon: Canoe Tour on the Moselle

    Monday, 24th of July 2017
    09:00: Cleaning Up Party
    20:00: After Party


    Berlin, Berlin, Germany

    Danke für die Einladung, aber liegt grade nicht auf meiner Reiseroute...

  14. Irene Anggreeni

    Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands

    Whoever invited me, thanks! This looks like an amazing camp. I just need to plan a bit for my summer overall.
    In case anyone is travelling from NL, do you want to travel together? I'm coming from Rotterdam, but may be okay to take a little detour.

  15. Ivan_from_Peru

    München, Bayern, Germany

    Pre party on Tuesday, does that means we can camp starting on Tuesday?

  16. Ivan_from_Peru

    München, Bayern, Germany

    I'm still looking for rides, if anyone has space for 2 coming from München please let me know. To the organizers, is any bus coming from a close by town? Flixbus doesn't has a stop there.

  17. Alex FromRio

    The Hague, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands

    Irene, I should be leaving the Hague on Friday morning, PM me if interested.

  18. Syranos Tjee

    Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands

    Is anyone going from Utrecht?

  19. Tobias

    München, Bayern, Germany

    Who is arriving already on TUESDAY ?

  20. lowtoxin

    Dragu-Brad, Județul Hunedoara, Romania

    I can't find any information about the logistics of the place - can I come with a camper van and stay there with it? Will there be place for it? Its 5 meters long.

    Do people come with camper vans to this even, or is it all only tents?

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