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313. Traditional Ljubljana's Weekly CS meeting

Organized by Darko Persin, Anže Vihtelič, Andrej Kočović, and Igor ×

Welcome to Traditional Ljubljana's Weekly CouchSurfing meeting - the CouchSurfing event/meeting with the longest tradition in Ljubljana.

Everybody can join the meeting and you can bring your friends too. You don't have to be a Couchsurfing member.

You will meet locals, foreigners who live in Ljubljana and travellers who join the meeting. You are all welcome to share your stories and experiences.

Please sign up for this event only if you are sure you are comming. While there are less people in winter, we would appreciate if you drop us a message at what time you plan to come - at the day of the meeting (if you can). So we can make sure we are there - and you don't wait alone for us.

Of course, you can come anyway - even if you don't sign up for the meeting.

The meeting is held at:

STA Travel Cafe

Ajdovščina 1

Location - Google Map:

How to get there from Preseren square (Main square):

Go up on the right side of pink church. When you come up the little hill - at the end of pink church, turn left to Nazorjeva street. Next, go right at the first street - and go up. Then turn left and go all the way until you almost reach the construction site. Turn right and you will see the bar and fast food place. Go up the stairs on the building and you will reach the STA travel cafe.

In case you have questions of trouble finding the place, you can contact us.

We should have the CouchSurfing sign. If we don't have it (we sometimes forget to bring it), ask people around. You can also contact us to one of the contact numbers.

In case you come the first, you can ask the waiter for CouchSurfing sign and wait for other people.

If you have questions don't hesitate to call friendly organizers:)

Contact details will be published on the day of event as the comment.

  1. Igor ×

    Ljubljana, Osrednjeslovenska, Slovenia

    I'm here, drinking cocoa :)

  2. Darko Persin

    Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia

    Wait for us...

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