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Alice Spring -> Sydney - Road Trip

Organized by Manon C

Hi there !

We are three friends planning to do a road-trip from Alice Spring to Sydney around May 20th (we arrive at Alice Spring in May 18th).
We are planning to rent a car and would really like to share it with others, so the cost would be reduced, and because meeting new people is one of the things we like to do while travelling :)

We will certainly stop by Adélaïde so we can either drop or take people from here as well.

If you are interested, please send a message, and we'll see if we can arrange to travel together !

Manon, Lilian and Hugues

  1. Viktor Griph

    Mölndal, Västra Götaland County, Sweden

    Hi. In the text it says that you are driving to Sidney, but I guess that's a typo? Is it a return trip to Alice Springs you are planning?

    I might be interested, but would need to check with my work if I can get a week off.

  2. Manon C

    Caen, Normandie, France

    Hi Viktor !
    Actually we're still indecided...the original plan was to drive from Adélaïde to Alice Spring, as the title says (so it is a mistake in the texte). But now we are thinking of driving from Alice Spring to Sydney instead.
    But it could also depend on the people interested to join us. Which trip are you interested in ?

  3. Sven Kahle

    Tübingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

    Hi Manon, I am interested in a road trip from adelaide to Alice Springs and back. Unfortunately I have to be back in adelaide at 19th March. So I would like to start the trip this week. Have you heard about car relocation? The price would be descent for that

  4. Manon C

    Caen, Normandie, France

    Hi Sven !
    Unfortunately our dates aren't that flexible ! I won't be in Australia before 2 other months...
    Hope you will find some trip-mate !

  5. Viktor Griph

    Mölndal, Västra Götaland County, Sweden

    Hi Manon,
    I'm interested in the trip to Alice Springs. I'm working as an expatriate in Adelaide and want to do some travel while I'm here. But since I'm here for a short time I can't take that much time off. One week in May should probably be okay, but I would have to ask at work, both here and with my Swedish employer.

  6. Manon C

    Caen, Normandie, France

    Hi Viktor,
    We changed our plan a bit : we will start the road trip from Alice-Spring, heading for Sydney. Adélaïde is on the way, so maybe it could fit anyway ? We can meet at Alice Spring and then go back to Adélaïde together.
    But we'll have to see if we can do that in one week, it may be a bit short.
    Please, send me a private message so we can continue to discuss this !

  7. Benjamin Ayer

    Portland, OR, USA

    anyone still around? Im driving tomorrow with a friend and have room in our 4wd

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