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Big meeting for the new arrivals to Krakow

Organized by anna belle

Hello Friends, new arrivals to Krakow!
are you new here so you are welcome, you are going to like the city and meet some amazing people.
therefore we are waiting for you in our big meeting and preparing for you a special cool game to meet the maximum of cool people.

☮☮☮ WoWers Game ☮☮☮

How does it work?
it is very easy:
1 - the player of this game called wower.
2 - when you join the game on the link I noticed below ☯ you will get a keyword(animal's name).
3 - you go to the Couchsurfing event, join the group and enjoy your time with the couchsurfers.
4 - between the couchsurfers there are some wowers like you. if you recognize a wower just go to him and ask him about his keyword(animal's name), give him your keyword as well.
Probably another wower could recognize you and do the same.
5 - during or after the meeting go to the event's page on the link below ☯ and enter the keyword corresponding to each wower.
6 - when you enter the correct keyword of someone and he does the same you will become friends and you get a point in the city's popularity page for the last 30days.
7 - if you go to the popularity page of the city you can check the ranking of the most popular wowers of that city.

You could watch the pinned video on this facebook group(meet cool people in Krakow) to understand better.

☯ this is the link to join the game and get your keyword:

The meeting will start at 8 PM but if you come later it is not a problem, just ask the bartender about Couchsurfing.
If you have any question don't hesitate to ask me, I will answer you for sure ;)

see you wowers!!

  1. Adam Belski

    Krakow, Lesser Poland, Poland

    Hello Everybody,

    I work in Krakow for a big accounting company. I have a possibility to recommend you for different positions with defferent languages. If you want to come (or maybe you are already in) to Poland (Krakow) and get very nice job just write. My friends work for other companies and they have the same possibilities so I can ask them for recommendation for you. This information is for foreigners and Polish people.

    Companies where you can be recommended: IBM, Capgemini, Philip Morris.

    If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.


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