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Bulgarian Riviera To The Arctic On Inflatable Boat

Organized by martin Searle

I would like to see just how far I can make it on a fold up, inflatable boat. The plan has changed a little, I have already started the journey in Varna, Bulgaria and will be making my way to the Arctic circle at Rovaniemi, Finland. I now expect to be passing through Tallinn around early August, if anyone is around then it would be great to meet up with some locals or fellow travellers. For a more up to date idea of where I/we are please follow

or youtube.com/channel/UC7XzjRBHFyQ0ixNIHbQ3vlA


    Tallinn, Harju maakond, Estonia

    Man this is awesome,

    I will be following this to see how it progress, and maybe I would be writing you to see if I can maybe join from Copenhagen on July 1st.

    Keep up this spirit


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