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CANCELEDBurning Kouch Beach Camping Trip 2017

Organized by Drew Wolin

  • Sep 15, 2017, 5:00 PM — Sep 17, 2017, 11:00 AM (EDT)
  • New York, NY, USA
  • Questo evento è terminato.

I deeply regret to inform everyone that Burning Kouch 2017 is canceled.

The town of Southold (of which Orient is a hamlet) filed a restraining order against us. They do not want us holding this event there. We tried to fight it. We really did. The hurdles are significant.

Do NOT publicly speak ill of, or harass, the town. It won't help matters.

Take a moment to digest.

Now, there are still hundreds of us, now free, looking to have fun this weekend. So… let's have fun this weekend.

If anybody has suggestions or connections for a good back up plan, let me know. I've contacted House of Yes and am searching for nearby campgrounds that may be a good fit.

Thank you all for understanding, I'm so sorry it had to come down to this, and let's work together to minimize the impact of the cancellation.

Check tinyurl.com/burningkouch2017 for updates.

Thank you all again for understanding,

Bob, Dave, and Drew

  1. Drew Wolin

    New York, NY, USA

    @Adam thanks for the feedback!

    @Mary, no problem :)

  2. Ray Larkin

    New York, NY, USA

    This looks like it should be a lot of fun!

  3. lesliejane

    NY, USA

    If you need a ride, join and post on the ride share group. Also, if you're able to give a ride to anyone, please join the group and post on there as well. Just be mindful that's it's not even September yet so some people may not know if they are definitely going or will have room in their car yet.


  4. Drew Wolin

    New York, NY, USA

    @Leslie thank you for promoting the Ride Share group!

    FYI, will post any good deals to items that are *highly relevant* to the camping trip that I think many people may want to have in possession before camp. Here's one (for your phones, bluetooth speakers, etc.)


    I'll also be on the lookout for tent deals, head torches/flashlights, etc.

    Please note the difference between this post and spam, and I'd discourage most from posting links for things to purchase, unless they specifically fit the above criteria.

  5. Saj Thorub

    Vernon, CT, USA

    I will be briging a (respectful) guest

  6. Asia Ha

    Petah Tikva, Center District, Israel

    Hey Guys,
    I am traveling from Israel and will be in NY from 12th September to 21th Sept. I really want to join this event, it is a great thing what you are doing there! Maybe there is someone I can join? It sounds so great, but I am a little bit afraid to go there by myself, would really like to join someone.

    Also, not sure if I can take a tent with me, maybe you have a place in a tent or can someone lend me a tent?

    Hope to see you there :)

  7. Drew Wolin

    New York, NY, USA

    Hi Ety,

    We'd love to have you! It's a very friendly group here, I think even if you go solo, then you will enjoy. The only question would be if you have space in a tent (or if you'd bring a hammock and sleep in that, which is what I do).

    I can't guarantee you space in any tent (maybe someone else can), but if you look online (check amazon.com, kmart.com, search for tents on slickdeals.com), early enough and order a tent for $25 or so, I think it is well worth your "rental" price. A few people definitely have gone to camp without knowing where they'll sleep and end up finding a place, but I would not necessarily recommend this unless you'd be comfortable sleeping outside in case you don't find anything! Not that many people sleep so much this weekend, anyway ;)

    Check the extended event description for details on the North Fork Jitney, or for ride share. Feel free to message me directly with more questions.


  8. Ali Mehedi

    Brooklyn, NY, USA

    Hey! I am looking for a ride from Park Slope, Brooklyn. I don't have a tent either but I think I will buy one unless anyone has a big enough tent to share. If you are going from NYC and want to rent a car together, let me know.

  9. Patricia Johnson

    Ringwood, NJ, USA

    I will only pick up people that come to the New Jersey side

  10. Drew Wolin

    New York, NY, USA

    @Ali + Patricia, please read the event description. Ride share is to be discussed in the ride share group, so as to avoid this event being taken over by ride requests. Thank you.

  11. Joshua Wynns

    NY, USA

    $10 tents for anyone who still needs. Shippings around $6 unless you spend $25+ or free store pickup.


  12. Saj Thorub

    Vernon, CT, USA

    Are polite well trained welcome? All vaccines and paperwork on hand.

  13. Orpheus Craigue

    NY, USA

    Wow this is coming up quick, less than 2 weeks! Just wanted to point something out, since I remember bags and bags of garbage last year, is there anything we can do to cut down on the waste?

    - Clear plastic bags for recycling - at least for returnables, but ideally for anything that doesn't need to find its way to a landfill
    - System of labeling things with magic marker so they survive a little longer thru the weekend (i.e. solo cups, Tupperware)

    That's just a couple ideas, not sure if there's any magic bullet, or maybe a huge event is just too difficult logistically.. But assuming a good portion of couchsurfers are at least somewhat environmentallyfriendly, thought it'd be worth to throw out there :-)


    New York, NY, United States

    Orpheus, its enough of a task making sure all the trash ends up in bags - that is what we focus on. The reason there are many bags of garbage is because there are 300 people at this event. Once its compressed, there actually isn't all that much. If i am there early enough, I can see if there are means to recycle. If so, maybe we can do something. Please be aware that this event is free and doesn't have any budget. I am already spending out of pocket for the BBQ setup and other small things, and everyone who contributes spends out of pocket.

    As for labeling things, everyone is responsible for their own cups and any other means to eat or drink. Even if cups came from a central source, based on experience, it's not feasible to label cups for large events, because then you have to dedicate resources to enforcement, and it's not worth it for small events because there arent many cups used. BTW, solo cups are recyclable.

  15. louisa lee

    Plantation, FL, USA

    may I ask where it is the location?

  16. Sermn Sharma

    New York, NY, USA

    By CNN Newsroom is saying that Irma is upgraded to Category 4 hurricane

    Hurricane Irma has been upgraded to a Category 4 storm. Will this effect our camping trip.

  17. Murad Mithani

    Elmwood Park, NJ, USA

    Hi. My girlfriend and I are planning to drive and we'll be able to accommodate 2 people in our car. PM me if you are looking for a ride.

  18. Sonne27

    Oakland, CA, USA

    I wont be able to make it this year. Boo. Stuck in Europe. Have fun tho


    New York, NY, United States

    @louisa lee - please read the event description. it's in Orient, NY. The exact address will be messaged next week, for privacy reasons. If you're looking for transportation options, that is also in the event description. let us know if there are any other questions about the location.

    @Sermn Sharma - the trip is 10 days from now and Irma is 1500 miles from NY. There is no way to tell the impact at this time. Most hurricanes never hit the NY area (the last one was 5 years ago), although sometimes we get rain from them. Saturday night's rain was the remnants from Harvey.

    @Murad Mithani - please post on the rideshare group, not here. if possible, remove your post, to reduce clutter.

  20. Drew Wolin

    New York, NY, USA

    @AJ polite well trained vaccinated… humans? Unicorns? :)

    @Orpheus we appreciate the idea and would love if YOU can take it upon yourself to facilitate that idea! Again, this event is what we make of it collectively, and there is not necessarily some large central entity that has the ability to make an idea like that happen. I am happy to work with you and enable/empower the initiative. I agree with Adam that it is likely to be quite the undertaking, but appreciate the idea and would be happy to help you do it. The rule is that we need to leave the space clean.

    @Louisa Lee, the event is in Orient, NY. Please read the event description for further details.

    @Shermn seconding Adam's post.

    @Murad seconding Adam's post.

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