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BYOB London - free walk + introduction to humanity

Organized by Gosia

  • Sat Mar 24 from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM (GMT)
  • London, UK
  • This event is over.

BYOB London: A FREE Walking Tour With Introduction To Humanity

Spend a Saturday afternoon with all the things you love: London, alcohol and great company. BYOB London is a new exciting non-profit venture started by two friends over a pitcher of Pimm's in one of Wetherspoon pubs in London in order to rediscover London and fall in love with it again.

Join us on an adventure as we take you through our favourite BOOZE-FRIENDLY iconic London sites with good stories behind them. We will be focusing on all that makes us humans so if you are a human, you might be especially interested.

Entry is free. Limited spaces available. Book now and show up with your favourite bottle of C2H5OH.

  1. Camil Szydlowski

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Hello ... March 10 I arrive in London from Buenos Aires, Argentina, to visit some cities in Europe in just two weeks, so I will only be in London one day. I'm interested in going to the meeting, they tell me a little more about what it is about?

  2. PGTIPS1

    London, United Kingdom

    It is posted as being on "Sat Mar 10 from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM (GMT)", but then it is later written - "Spend a Sunday afternoon with ...". So is it Saturday or Sunday it is on and where is the meeting place for it ?

  3. Vidhi Suba

    Leicester, England, United Kingdom

    I was wondering the same, is this event on Saturday 10th or 11th? As it's scheduled for the 10th but later talks of it being on Sunday in the description.

  4. Gosia

    Warszawa, mazowieckie, Poland

    hey all - sorry, the walk is on Saturday :) Hope to see you there! Bring your bottles :)

  5. Sara Myers

    Hi Gosia, I noticed the date has changed. Is the walk happening this Saturday the 10th or Friday the 23rd? :)

  6. Gosia

    Warszawa, mazowieckie, Poland

    Hi Sara,
    sorry, we had to change the date due to work arrangements. The walk is deinitely happening on a Saturday, as originally intended, just not the 10th but the 24th.

  7. PGTIPS1

    London, United Kingdom

    You still have not said where the meeting place is, whichever day it is - Saturday / Sunday, 10th / 23rd / 24th ? So where is it ?

  8. Gosia

    Warszawa, mazowieckie, Poland

    24th :)

  9. PGTIPS1

    London, United Kingdom

    Where ? (;

  10. Gosia

    Warszawa, mazowieckie, Poland

    starting at Gabriel's Wharf / south bank

  11. Nate Chai

    London, England, United Kingdom

    Thank you for organising Gosia. See you all there!

  12. Roberto Castiglia

    London, United Kingdom

    Thanks Gosia.
    See you tomorrow!

  13. Gosia

    Warszawa, mazowieckie, Poland

    Hi all
    I am such a wonderful organizer - did some drinking research last night and as a result (I don't know how, really!) ended up with a hangover and now running late. We will be there 20-30min after 2pm and with a cardboard saying BYOB. Please do not run away :)

  14. Gosia

    Warszawa, mazowieckie, Poland

    Google showing 14:13 :)

  15. Thomas Lam

    London, London, England

    Heya all

    We're here, under the wooden hut :)

    My mate Nath is wearing a pirate eye patch

  16. Gosia

    Warszawa, mazowieckie, Poland

    Ok i have a yellow uke

  17. Gosia

    Warszawa, mazowieckie, Poland

    My phone: 0048531971643

  18. Gosia

    Warszawa, mazowieckie, Poland

    Two people. One cardboad one yellow ukulele

  19. Marcus

    Hatfield, England, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

    Hey both Nathan's, we're at the Royal Court of Justice, are you joining?

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