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CANCELEDBurning Kouch Beach Camping Trip 2017

Organized by Drew Wolin

  • Sep 15, 2017, 5:00 PM — Sep 17, 2017, 11:00 AM (EDT)
  • New York, NY, USA
  • This event is over.

I deeply regret to inform everyone that Burning Kouch 2017 is canceled.

The town of Southold (of which Orient is a hamlet) filed a restraining order against us. They do not want us holding this event there. We tried to fight it. We really did. The hurdles are significant.

Do NOT publicly speak ill of, or harass, the town. It won't help matters.

Take a moment to digest.

Now, there are still hundreds of us, now free, looking to have fun this weekend. So… let's have fun this weekend.

If anybody has suggestions or connections for a good back up plan, let me know. I've contacted House of Yes and am searching for nearby campgrounds that may be a good fit.

Thank you all for understanding, I'm so sorry it had to come down to this, and let's work together to minimize the impact of the cancellation.

Check tinyurl.com/burningkouch2017 for updates.

Thank you all again for understanding,

Bob, Dave, and Drew

  1. Augustine Michelle

    London, England, United Kingdom

    Very cool

  2. Debra Myers

    Hollywood, FL, USA

    so cool wish I could go big road trip in Aug, need to work sometime lol....BIG SHOUT OUT TO BOB super cool

  3. John Griffin

    Port Jefferson Station, NY, United States

    I wanted to take my roommate - does he have to join couch surfers and register himself, or is there a way for me to rsvp for two?

  4. Drew Wolin

    New York, NY, USA

    @eva hope to see you there!

    @Debra Bob's the best 8-) Sorry you can't make it.

    @John thank you for the heads up. As long as you vouch for him as a cool dude it's fine to bring him along. Thanks for letting me know. Not a bad idea to have him register on CS anyway! I'm sure he'll meet people, may be helpful if he has a profile to stay in touch, or get references in case he wants to use CS more in the future. Just a thought.

  5. witza french

    New York, NY, USA

    So its like a getaway trip I have to stay for nights out?

  6. Bill Wicker

    NY, USA

    Mostly people spend Friday and/or Saturday night there camping, but you can come just for the day as well.

  7. witza french

    New York, NY, USA

    Oh ok just wanna make sure !
    If we guys will sleep their lol.

  8. Fazli Mammadov

    Belorechensk, Krasnodar Krai, Russian Federation

    Dear Couchsurfer friends,
    I am a traveler. i will be in NY in 12th September and i will be there till 23th Sept. i really want to join to this camping. who can help me to be with you?

    i will be really glad to see you and spend good time with you.

    best wishes,

  9. Drew Wolin

    New York, NY, USA

    @Witza, you don't have to stay overnight. Given that many people who come live over 3 hours drive away from the camp site, most people stay overnight. Also, lots of fun happens at night! But you are welcome to come for the day, only.

    @Fazli, please read the event description, the answer to your question should be in there. Maybe you want to buy a tent/hammock + straps online in advance so you have some shelter there. If you look far enough in advance you can get a tent or hammock for >$35. Otherwise maybe somebody will be willing to lend you a tent, or room in theirs!

  10. Mary Santana

    Floral Park, NY, USA

    @ Fazli Mammadov you can borrow my tent as I will be using my hammock..as a good offering from a native NY 'r

  11. witza french

    New York, NY, USA

    Well I prefer my own teint
    Ill buy one and stay over cause I don't wanna rush to go home

  12. witza french

    New York, NY, USA

    Where can I get one a tent.
    Cause I don't know anyone would be weird for me to ask

  13. Stephen Luther

    Scotland, United Kingdom

    Hey guys, I will be visiting New work all the way from Scotland, and I am very interested in going to this. As I'm coming from so far, I'm not very keen on purchasing a tent, just for one use. Would anyone be willing to let me jump in with them, or lend me a tent?

  14. Mary Santana

    Floral Park, NY, USA

    @ Drew are there trees there where I can hang a hammock instead of a tent...
    and are we allowed to camp overnight at the beach

  15. Drew Wolin

    New York, NY, USA

    @Stephen good luck, hopefully someone will be able to help you out. But if you look far enough in advance you should be able to purchase a cheap tent for <$35. Kmart/wal mart... keep tabs on slickdeals.com. Essentially a rental price.

    @Mary actually, we will be on a tree farm :) Yes people set up hammocks! I sleep in one, myself.

    It is not permitted to camp overnight on the beach, or maybe you can with a permit on certain beaches in the area. I would not recommend it, as the party will be on the farm. But you are welcome to research and let us know what you find! The farm we are at is a short walk to one beach, and a short drive to another larger beach.

  16. Mary Santana

    Floral Park, NY, USA

    thanks Drew! :-)


    New York, NY, United States

    @Mary, the water's edge is not on the property, or close to the property. The primary beach, the state park in Orient Point, closes at night, and it's driving distance. The inlets outside the property line, where they are public, are also closed, although if you're quiet, you can still go in the water. Camping on a beach is very uncomfortable once the sun comes up, with no shade. On the property there are trees to shade your tent. As for hammocks, they arent for everyone. Even though the hot season is over, there are still plenty of bugs!

  18. Drew Wolin

    New York, NY, USA

    Clarifying some info from @Adam's recent post below... Not all of it is correct... I'll respond to all posts here, generally within a day or two. Thanks for your patience in the meantime!

    The property is indeed a short walk to a water front. Adam, not sure why you say otherwise? Anyway there's also a small, private beach that many, if not most people visit at some point during the trip... Takes us something like 10 mins walking to get there!

    On your journey over there, make sure you stay off of the neighbors' lawn, and stay quiet... common sense rules apply. Ask someone who has been there before to guide you. We don't suggest wandering on your own!

    Then there is a larger beach a short drive away.

    The point about hammocks... Pretty easy way around what's mentioned in the post below, which is to cover your skin. Bring pants, socks, long sleeves, etc. 2 person hammocks can fold up over you and keep bugs out too... That's what I use :)

    Lemme know if any other questions!


    New York, NY, United States

    @Drew, Mary's question was about camping on the beach, and Orient State Park beach is driving distance, several miles away - this is the beach with its own section in the google doc. I also referred to the inlet, which is named the "Narrow River" which has water access "outside the property line".

    Perhaps update the google doc to clarify - at the top it says a short walk to the beach, and further down it only refers to Orient State park, and says the beach is a short drive. It makes no distinction of the two.

    Also, since I do not know the answer, what are the official rules for the Narrow River water access? I know only permitted residents may park there anytime (we have to walk), but is it officially open to the public during the day, and night is "officially" closed? Clarification could definitely help clear up some of the confusion.

  20. Mary Santana

    Floral Park, NY, USA

    Thank you Drew and Adam :-)

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