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    • ChitChat TALK!

    • Dino Cafè, Piazza della Trivulziana, 5, 20126 Milano MI, Italy
    • Tue, Sep 26 at 7:00 PM CEST
    • 3 attending

ChitChat TALK!

Organized by Tania Qin

Martedì vieni a trovarci al Heineken beer corner in Bicocca Village per conoscere persone nuove e per migliorare le lingue in compagnia di un ricco buffet a soli €7.
Avrai l’occasione di esercitarti in tantissime lingue!
PERCHÉ? Per migliorare nelle lingue in compagnia e fare nuove amicizie con tanto divertimento.
DOVE? Al Heineken beer corner, al primo piano del Bicocca Village
QUANDO? martedì dalle 19.00 alle 22.30
Vieni insieme ai tuoi amici, più siamo meglio è!
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Tuesday come and visit us at Heineken beer corner at Bicocca Village to meet new people and improve languages with a rich buffet at just € 7.
WHY? To improve languages with a lot of fun and make new friends. All languages are welcome!
WHERE? At Heineken beer corner at first floor of Bicocca Village
WHEN? Tuesday, from 19.00 to 22.30
Come with your friends, the more we are, the more fun we have!
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  1. Ahmed Abdelghafar

    Lombardy, Italy

    Hello guys, so what's the plan?

  2. Tania Qin

    Monza, Lombardy, Italy

    We'll meet at Heineken beer corner at the first floor of Bicocca Village at 19.00. See you tomorrow 😊

  3. Simone sor

    Lombardy, Italy

    Hey Ahmed!
    ChitChat is an unformal meeting: just sitdown, eat non-stop from buffet, and chat with people coming from different places.
    That is the only planed stuff, what happen during or after the envent strongly depend on people involved.

  4. daniele milano

    Milano, Lombardia, Italy

    This is a public relation ... no good

  5. daniele milano

    Milano, Lombardia, Italy

    Followers in facebook ???? Because ?????

  6. momo 17

    Milano, Lombardia, Italy

    Hi is there Simeone already?

  7. Tania Qin

    Monza, Lombardy, Italy

    We are arriving!

  8. Tania Qin

    Monza, Lombardy, Italy

    We are just behind the food

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