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CS FridayWeeklyMI! CosWe'rCool BitFool & WeKnowIt!

Organized by Alberto De Mola

Dear All, Csers and not!

The Milan CS community proudly invite you to join the weekly CS gatherings in this city, Be Welcome! the summer is in our hearts: http://tinyurl.com/csmilanfridayweeklycoolmeeting
FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/CSMilanWeeklyCoolMeeting/
Event Page CS Milan: https://www.facebook.com/CSMILANEVENT
Cool Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/pillowfightwithnopantsmilano

In order to live the magical atmosphere of Milan, enjoy the city in an alternative way, and stay together, we are organizing and relaoding the Pic-Nic along the New-Darsena.

For more details - read posts for updates and join our Fb Group!

This is the exact venue:

Feel free to arrive at any time, but remember to join the picnic with your food and drink in order to share with others. (And mosquito repellent!!)
And if you're a musician, bring your instrument with you and we could play and sing all together! And if you are an artist, bring your art, if you are a traveller bring your stories, if you are yourself bring yourself and it will be great :)

It doesn't matter if you arrive late - we'll make you welcome. There are likely to be new people every week so it's a great chance to learn about CS, make new friends, practice languages, have a drink and play music together! :)

IMPORTANT!!! Due to some new regulations of Milan municipality, it is forbidden to bring glass bottles and metal cans in Darsena area. You can bring some plastic bottles and pour the content inside them ;)

IMPORTANT TIP: if you arrive at that point, maybe you'll see our cs-sign, and don't know where the other couchsurfers are... try asking the people who look friendly to you "are you couchsurfers?" ...you might get a YES as a reply!

Join the Event if you enjoy! Everyone is welcome, come one come all... :)

# CS Milan Official Group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/csmilano/
# CS Milan Official Page to follow for BIG events - https://www.facebook.com/CSMILANEVENT [like us!]

Do not be lazy (we don't like lazy ppl), Share your ideas and Get ready for a lot of fun! :) the CS MILAN CREW, the best foreign family!


### "we can be heroes, just for one day" ### (our special wish to David!)
Basically, the main idea of these gatherings is to have different organizers each week, anyone 'd be welcome if an idea shows up in the night, in dream, in bathroom :) If you want to manage your particular suggested Theme let us know and we will add you... share, aggregate, be free, be welcome, be yourself, be together are just few of many great features of CS!!!

  1. pino c.

    Lombardy, Italy

    hi to every one , i think to join you, and i think to bring the folk guitar. see you .

  2. momo 17

    Milano, Lombardia, Italy

    Hi guys we are here already waiting for more people ,feel free to join us ;-)

  3. Henry Wu

    England, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

    Guys I can't find anyone 😅

  4. patri_venezolana

    Milan, Lombardia, Italy

    Are you still there?

  5. Amr

    Cairo, Egypt

    Guys we r beside darsena the same area for every week
    U can find someone playing guitar we r gathering there

  6. patri_venezolana

    Milan, Lombardia, Italy

    Sorry guys what is a darsena

  7. momo 17

    Milano, Lombardia, Italy

    Yes we are playing music now come join us

  8. momo 17

    Milano, Lombardia, Italy

    Darsena is near navigli in the River look at the position and Google it

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