CS International House Party in Dubai <img alt="🎉" src="//ht-assets.couchsurfing.com/assets/emoji/unicode/1f389-95f083fbdae3cddcab19300886f04ea8c415113b1b622d339134dc696953f767.png" class="emoji" /><img alt="💃" src="//ht-assets.couchsurfing.com/assets/emoji/unicode/1f483-eda888b81c003a1fd9ac8a0ac69cd9600558339cd54bd84eac51b779c8f3d82e.png" class="emoji" />🏼 | Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates | Couchsurfing

CS International House Party in Dubai 🎉💃🏼

Organized by Alusine Kamara Junior, Quaid Johar Haji, and Mohsin Rawal

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