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MOVED!! - End of Month Meetup!

Organized by Jonathan Hol

THIS EVENT HAS BEEN MOVED TO Datteren Til Hagen. ADDRESS: Grønland 10. Time for End of Month Meetup!
This is an open meeting, everyone is welcome.

Bring good vibes and healthy humor.

"Bring a surfer, bring a friend,
or anyone you thing would enjoy to attend." ;)

We always have some familiar faces returning to these meetings, as well as both lone travellers and groups dropping by. There are usually more people attending these meetups than are listed here at the CS site.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Do NOT bring food or beverages into the venue for consuming there!! This is very important since we might loose our reservation rights at Asylet if someone of us breaks this rule.

TIME: 7:30 pm to whenever you want

  1. Jonathan Hol

    Oslo, Oslo, Norway

    Because of all the Christmas dinners Café Asylet is full tonight. I will try to find an other location close by and update here when I found somewhere. I will update the bartender (Fredrik) at Asylet about our location in case someone does not have internet..

  2. Jonathan Hol

    Oslo, Oslo, Norway

    We will be at Datteren Til Hagen, address: Grønland 10. I am updating event photo of their entrance.

  3. Jonathan Hol

    Oslo, Oslo, Norway

    This is the google location of tonights location:
    Dattera til Hagen
    Grønland 10, 0188 Oslo

    For contacting me my phone number is +47 41512222.

  4. Jonathan Hol

    Oslo, Oslo, Norway

    Since noone showed the few og us whom were there decided to go home..