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EnglishForOsaka -Hiking Fushimi Inari 裏ルートから歩く伏見稲荷

Organized by Nishikawa Seigo

English For Osaka hosts a meet up event, come join us and see the real Japan with local Japanese!

Kenji is guide in this event, he is an expert of mountain.
Any problems, please call Seigo on 08070458365 , or LINE ID : seigo871207

-What is unique?
In this event, we will have a meet and greet!
Come and meet local Japanese and share stories of your travels!

Area: Kyoto Fushimi
Duration: 4 hours (AM9:00 - PM1:00)
Fee: 3,000 yen
Include: Mountain guide, Lunch, Hot tea

<Fushimi Inari walking from the back route>


9:00 Meeting in front of Fushimi Inari Torii (The red gateway)

9: 15 Hiking start We will walk a gentle bamboo grove back road.

9: 30 Starting climbing places We go through the torii and climb the stairs and sloping roads, aiming at the top of Fushimi Inari mountain.

10: 00 Inari Shan Mountaintop Ichinomiya arrives after tea break

10:30 Spirit Hiking in a clockwise direction around the summit route with a refreshing atmosphere.

11: 00 Please enjoy the view in Kyoto city at Yotsugitsuji, the best observation place in Inariyama. After that, we went through "Senbon Torii" and aimed at the Torii of Fushimi Inari Front, hiking down the road.

12:00 Fushimi Inari Arrive at Torigae.

12: 15 We will have a special buckwheat noodle.

13:00 Dissolved in front of Fushimi's buckwheat store.


· Shoes that are easy to walk

· Easy to wear clothes

· Backpack to be free both hands

· Drinks such as water

· Camera, smartphone

<Included in price>

· Tea on Inari Shan Mountain Top

· Soba noodle at lunch ※ Drink fee is not included.

English For Osakaでは、外国人と交流できるイベントを多数開催しています。


問題があれば、せいごまでご連絡ください。08070458365またはLINE ID:seigo871207です

- ユニークなポイント

エリア:京都市 伏見区

<裏ルートから歩く 伏見稲荷ハイキング>


9:00 伏見稲荷鳥居前 集合

9:15 ハイキング開始 緩やかな竹林の裏道を歩きます。

9:30 登山開始 所々、鳥居をくぐりながら階段や坂道の道を登り、伏見稲荷山頂を目指します。

10:00 稲荷山山頂 一宮到着 参拝後、お茶休憩

10:30 霊験あらたかな雰囲気のある、山頂一周ルートを時計回りにハイキング。

11:00 稲荷山随一の好展望地四ツ辻にて、京都市内の展望をお楽しみください。その後、「千本鳥居」をくぐり、伏見稲荷正面の鳥居を目指して、下り道をハイキング。

12:00 伏見稲荷鳥居前到着。

12:15 名物のお蕎麦をお召し上がりいただきます。

13:00 伏見のお蕎麦屋前にて解散。









・昼食のお蕎麦 ※飲み物代は含まれておりません。

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