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Free Prayers - Reiki & Meditation

Organized by Sphinx .


I'm an energy- worker and I offer 20 minutes of free Reiki-Treatment based on prayers and meditation FOR COUCHSURFERS.

It's because I just came back earlier from travelling and I have time to volunteer :).

Please make an appointment before dropping in.


0049 176 34 66 83 50

  1. Manar

    Berlin, Germany

    Hallo, i want to make Appointment please

  2. Garifallia

    Berlin, Berlin, Germany

    Oh god i missed it!?
    Anyone for reiki exchange?

  3. Sphinx .

    Berlin, Berlin, Germany

    Good morning,

    @ Manar:
    I mentionned my phone number above.

  4. Ntale Jimmy

    Berlin, Berlin, Germany

    how does this work

  5. Sphinx .

    Berlin, Berlin, Germany

    Guten Morgen,
    an alle Deutschprachigen:

    am Mittwwoch, den 15.11. findet ein kostenloser Informationsabend zu der Energie-
    und Bewusstseinsarbeit, die ich ausübe.
    Schwerpunkte sind Kinesiologie & Körpergedächtnis.

    Vielleicht interessiert Euch das?

  6. Sneha Dinesh

    Berlin, Berlin, Germany

    I really want to attend this. Is there any way there is still place for me.

  7. Sphinx .

    Berlin, Berlin, Germany

    danke für Dein Interesse. Auch für Dich gilt: Die Kontaktdaten habe ich angegeben. Melde Dich doch einfach auf einem der Wege.

  8. Murilo and Talita

    Pirassununga, São Paulo, Brazil

    Hello Sphink, how could we book a place to do some Reiki?

  9. Alejandra Molina

    Landau, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

    Hello, I also make reiki and would like to join but I have time after 9h

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