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    • Fri CS meeting

    • Kraków, Poland
    • Fri, Sep 21 at 6:00 PM CEST
    • 1 attending
    • Fri CS meeting

    • Kraków, Poland
    • Fri, Oct 5 at 6:00 PM CEST
    • 1 attending

Fri CS meeting

Organized by Pawel Mrozowicz

The event always takes place even if details are updated 1 h before. For quick contact use facebook. All events are FREE of charge. If there is sth with a price (a theatre play, food workshop, etc) then it is organized parallel to the main FREE cs event in the same location.

We have a great tradition of Couchsurfing events in Krakow. Paweł & friends started every Friday meetings in 2014. We organise many different events, parties, cultural events including films, wine, beer and food tastings and pub crawls. We welcome you. Our events are for and about you. We communicate in English so it’s a great place to practise with people from many countries including native English speakers. You are sure of a welcome as everybody is there to meet new people as well as old friends.

The events have been developed so the agenda recently is:
1. Every Friday party. (sometimes followed by free beer/food tasting, or cultural event)
2. Every 2nd Thursday Polish movie with Eng sub.
3. Every 2nd Thursday movies presented by natives (from they countries)
4. Every 2nd Tuesday independent films.

All events you can find always on this fb fan page.

All movie events are in this closed group.