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Hamburg Invasion 2018

Organized by fleur_gaie, Irfan, Robin Meyborg, Nikhil Prajapati, Jan Wischweh, and Lene Goring

  • Jul 27, 2018, 6:00 PM — Jul 29, 2018, 11:00 PM (CEST)
  • Hamburg, Germany
  • This event is over.

Hi dear couchsurfers, travellers and Hamburg-lovers,
just three words:
Please go and register for the best week end ever on
All details and information can be found on the website.

For easy communication with other attendants of the invasion we created a WhatsApp group which you can join via the below link:
Group name: Hamburg Invasion 2018

Save the date - sign up - join the events -
invite your friends and - stay tuned!
Let‘s make a great time - because it‘s all about YOU!
Hamburg Invasion Orga Team

Thursday 26 July:
8 p.m. pre drinks at Kosmos

Friday 27 July:
11.45 p.m. - Guided tour "Kontorhäuser and old warehouse district" / free of charge
6 p.m. - Official start of the Invasion, registration and live music
EUR 4 - if you have got the wristband you are in for FREE
We got hold of "Kamm In", a rockabilly hairdressing salon with a stage in its basement. Please render yourself there for registration, to pick up your wristband and to meet all the other participants. We will have - hold on tight - FIVE bands playing and we expect you to bring along your own instrument/voice or just an open mind and will to enter the stage. It would be awesome if we succeeded to do some jam sessions - just bringing together the people. If you don't want to perform yourself just enjoy the live performances given. We, the organisers will sit just right next to the entrance to do the registration and maybe some last bookings. And there you go: meet up with new and old friends, playing kicker and of course enjoy tons of music.
Here a list of the bands which will perform:
The Jingle Jangles
See more glass
Cavity search
If you bring friends who haven't signed in yet online, they can still do so directly at 'Kamm In'.

Saturday 28 July:
11 a.m. - canoeing and paddleboat tour / Fee: EUR 15
3.45 p.m. - walking tour "classical touristic spots" including an exclusive tour through our town hall / Fee: EUR 8
4 p.m. - chill out at Planten & Blomen
10 p.m. - main party on MS Stubnitz, a martial looking ship which was converted into a club.
You can expect not less than 2 DJs who will serve you during the 6 hours of crazy dancing and excitement, draught beer (they really have) and a great overview over our river Elbe.
EUR 8 - if you have got the wristband you are in for FREE and you get two drink vouchers
Selfie station with selfie contest during main party - cool prizes to win
Fish market after party

Sunday 29 July:
2 p.m. - maritime tour / costs: price of the ticket for the public transport
2 p.m. - smooth walk around Alster leading to the barbecue
Farewell barbecue from 3 p.m. until late evening at Stadtpark
8 p.m. - leave Stadtpark to see the water and light concert at Planten & Blomen

Monday 30 July:
9:30 a.m. - whole day excursion
Here we have an extra treat for the people who are still here and who are looking forward to cool down after this amazing week end:
After Hamburg Invasion comes Hamburg Escape!
We will bring you to the Baltic Sea, more exactly to Scharbeutz, to chill out at the beach, with a stopover in Lübeck. We will meet in front of the DB Reisecentrum/travel center in the central station building. Depending on the number of participants the fee will be between EUR 12 and EUR 15. This fee has to be paid on site and includes the train ticket and the tourist tax in Scharbeutz.

8 p.m. after drinks at Kosmos

Also this year you get the opportunity to buy a tshirt with our logo and the current motto on it: Please check out the details here:

Follow ow our event on:



Official Invasion website:


  1. David Hassel

    Augsburg, Bayern, Germany

    If I am in Germany at the time, I WILL be there!

  2. fleur_gaie

    Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

    Hey ho David,
    I am glad to hear that. Looking forward to meeting you again 😀

  3. Laurence Rosenthal Winckler

    Santo Ângelo, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

    I'll move to Hamburg in March, will be there if possible :D

  4. fleur_gaie

    Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

    Hello Laurence,
    That is great to hear. I am sure you will like Hamburg And at the event you will meet hundreds of likeminded and interesting people from all over the world to connect with.
    If you are interested in joining the orga-team: we are still seeking people to join the team. I can give you more information about all that if you would like to.
    See you

  5. Xhelona Haveric

    Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

    Hello guys! I am living now in HH but I have never been in this event. Can someone introduce me shortly with it? And the registration is for organizers to be or to participate in the event? Thank you in advance!

  6. fleur_gaie

    Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

    Hello Xhelona,
    Great to see that you are interested in this event.
    The registration you did is for the event.
    There will be a mail/message informing everybody that the registration on the official website of this event is open.
    On that site you officially register for that event, register for the activities/tours you might want to attend and pay.
    This event happens once a year.
    It is one weekend full of activities/tours, party, barbecue, live music etc.
    We are still searching for support of any kind for this event so if you are interested in joining the orga team please let me know. I will inform you about the next orga meeting (end of February).
    And here a link to our fb site.
    There you can get a first impression of how it was in the past:


    Hope to see you soon

  7. Nikhil Prajapati

    Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

    Hallo Everyone,
    I am interested to be a part of Orga team please inform me regarding the next meeting.
    Thanks see you soon

  8. fleur_gaie

    Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

    Hello Nikhil,

    Wow - great to hear.
    Of course I will inform you when we fixed the date. I will also create a post here on cs for inviting everybody to join.

    See you

  9. Jose Peiretti

    Salta, Salta, Argentina

    Hey guys! A big hug from Argentina. Maybe We will be there next July with you and with my family. Hope so.

  10. Super DANN

    Miami, FL, USA

    Greetings from SCZ Bolivia, Couchpeeps!

  11. Miriam S.

    Lima, Lima Metropolitan Area, Peru


  12. fleur_gaie

    Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

    Hi Jose,
    That would be great 😃

  13. fleur_gaie

    Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

    Hi Dan,
    Thank you - Hamburg greets back.
    Hope to see you here

  14. Barbaros öküzcüoğlu

    Denizli, Denizli, Turkey

    hı .it ıs wanderful experıence for me . ı want to came there ...how can ı do for thıs planning meeting?my facebook adres https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=670432319 my mail adres : barbaros505@gmail.com enjoy . have fun

  15. fleur_gaie

    Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

    Hello Barbaros,
    It is great to hear that you are interested in this event.
    I don’t know if I understand right but if you want to join the organiser meetings it would most probably not be possible because you are located in Turkey. It is the Hamburg community which organises this event and invites the whole couchsurfer world to join.
    So you would be a participant of this one weekend long cool party.
    See you

  16. Huzaifa Essajee

    London, England, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

    Hi Sonja,

    Will there be a dedicated CS host list or should we try and find a host nearer the time?



  17. Xhelona Haveric

    Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

    Hey Sonja,

    Thank you. I would like to join the organisation team. Let me know in a message probably in which stage are you now, next meeting date and so on. It will be a pleasure for me. Thanks again.


  18. fleur_gaie

    Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

    Hi Huzaifa,
    We will try to implement a couch market into the website (like 2 years ago) where you can offer a place or look for a couch. If we do not succeed there will be another solution on Couchsurfing.

  19. TheMonkWithoutAFerrari

    Paris, Île-de-France, France

    Hei Fleur !!!

    I just booked my tickets to Hamburg and reach there on 27th night. This would be my first city invasion in Europe - so really looking forward to it !!!!!

    Is there any arrangement - network of designated & willing hosts - to host the travellers this weekend? I am sending out personalized requests too, but thought I would check with you as well....

    Can't wait for July !!!! :D

    Peace & Love,
    Manu :D

  20. TheMonkWithoutAFerrari

    Paris, Île-de-France, France

    Are there any other attendees coming from Paris? :)

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