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"HANAMI"Open-air party under cherry blossom tree

Organized by Ryosuke Kimura

  • Sat Apr 1 from 10:30 AM to 3:30 PM (JST)
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • This event is over.

You need to read this event page completely if you wanna join .or if you wanna Ask someone question.

from the ancient age, Japanese people are looking forward to hold the party under the cherry blossom tree every year…. how about to share that?

I wanna go to east side to Tokyo, there is a very big park and thousands of cherry blossom tree on the park. to have a party on the park is very good feeling.

Please bring something to eat, something to drink(especially booze) Let’s share!
and Rugs (plastic picnic sheet)to sit and laid on the ground!
Japanese doesn't sit on the ground directly among hanami. please bring it (when in rome, do as Romans do please ;) )

○place and schedule
if you wanna join this event...and if you can definitely join this event,
,At first, please confirm today's date.
check the calendar and weather forecast.
And if today was 1 DAY BEFORE of this event, and if you'll definitely come under that weather forecast info, please text me from my profile page. (Please do not text me more earlier. Tokyo has a lot of cherry blossom place....so let me consider which cherry blossom place to visit till then please ;) )
and mail me that you wanna come to this event!
and I will tell you when/where to meet.
(it will be east side of Tokyo.場所は場所は東側の台東区とか墨田区とか足立区とかそこら辺です。参加者に詳細教えます)
Please come to the place I told you till the time.
※I will not tell you when/where to meet if you ask me on this event's "Comment" space.
○just To push "join" on this page is not enough.
You cannot join this event if you forget to text me on those days. (In any reason, you cannot negotiate me if you late. I will completely ignore your mail and definitely won't reply if you text me on the event day. because I will be drunken on that day. And also. . I need to confirm all participants understand this rule in advance.
So please do not text me like "Let me join this event if it's still possible" on the event day.)
○Please fill your profile page and put your clearly face picture on your profile page before you text me .

↓this site helps you how to get there.

I will wear yellow cap.
so please find me and cry ."I found you , Ryosuke!"

meet at hanami point


I guess we will finish hanami around 2 or 3 pm? maybe.... so you guys all must need to clean around there when we finish.

free. 0 yen!

things you have to bring; 

(1)something to eat,…..Let’s share! please bring some food to share with 10 people.

(2)something to drink(especially booze)….please bring booze for you… and some booze to share…!

(3)Rugs(plastic picnic sheet) to sit and laid on the ground… this is very important for japanese customs!
so please go to 100 yen shop before the day and please buy it and bring it!
Ask stranger on the street or policemen where is the nearest 100yen shop;)


if you have possibility not to be able to join, please do not to push "join".

use google map to get to the meeting point.

HANAMI means…..
Hana…. flower
Mi….. viewing

but there is old Japanese proverb….”hana yori dango”.
it means "Dumpling than flower"

after hanami…I may sleep.

about weather.
if you wonder about weather... Check the weather forecast by yourself.
If I found it will rain on that day , I will text you how should we do(cancel/postpone/will hold the event )In a reply mail.

You cannot drink alchohol if you are younger than 20 years old.

You need to read this event page completely before you ask someone question.

Please fill your profile page and put your clearly face picture on your profile page before you text me .

Please do not post any unrelated subjects on this "comment" space.

  1. Tatsuya Sekiguchi

    Tokyo, Japan

    I'm interested in this event!!

    And...it's useful information for you who are interested in SAKURA.

  2. Ryosuke Kimura

    Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

    Today will be awesome ;)
    99 people huge hanami !!! Hallelujah !!!

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