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Hangout, Party

Organized by Matth

hi, you wanna hangout or party in barcelona? just join or text if u ve suggestions what to do and where to go. or if u wanna join the barcelona cs whatsapp group +491774317243

  1. Babette

    Berlin, Berlin, Germany

    What are u up to tonight?

  2. Vitaly Parkula

    Emilia-Romagna, Italy

    Hey guys! Is anyone hanging out tonight?

  3. sabri El Mouatassime

    Beni-Mellal, Tadla-Azilal, Morocco

    Hi guys where are you gonna hangout?

  4. Will Otero

    Montréal, Québec, Canada

    Why don't we go to Pipa bar as the other group?

  5. Andy Seclen Morales

    Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

    Hi guys! If you want Party on the center of Barcelona. We are organising our Safari party at Les Enfants discoteca. (Carrer de la Guardia 3) It's FREE ENTRANCE ALL NIGHT! 😉

  6. Lisa Shields

    Växjö, Kronoberg County, Sweden

    Is anything happening tonight? :)

  7. Ivan Mitic

    Leskovac, Jablanica District, Serbia

    Any party tonight?

  8. Sophie Glesius

    Mataró, Catalunya, Spain


  9. Doan Guillaume

    Paris, Île-de-France, France

    hey people!!
    Anyone want hang out this monday
    +3378269455 whatsapp

  10. Babette

    Berlin, Berlin, Germany

    What are u up to tonight?

  11. Valentina Ignacz

    Budapest, Hungary

    Any recommendations where to partying after 1am?

  12. Aness Ibrir

    Blida, Blida Province, Algeria

    hello guys i m here in arc de triomf anyone here to hangout

  13. Vitória Martins

    Palmas, Tocantins, Brazil

    What's upppp

  14. Nicolás Silva

    Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland

    Any plans for today people?

  15. Nicolás Silva

    Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland

    Guys, I'm gonna go out sightseeing and walk around city center. Gimme a shout if you wanna join me.

  16. Henry William

    Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

    Hello guys,

    I propose for tonigh some drinks in the Oveja Negra in Poblenou, it's a mega bar near metro Marina or Razzmataz club:


    If someone wanna join me, let me know... Cheers

  17. Beto Olmos

    San Diego, CA, USA

    Aloha ! Does anyone want to have drinks and go to a club tonight? Let me know

  18. Danii S

    London, England, United Kingdom

    Hey guys! I'm in Barcelona until the 8th of August. If anyone is free and wants to hang out (beach, sightseeing, food/coffee, whatever), I'm lonely, bored and free because my boyfriend has to work during the week lol. Let me know!! :)

  19. Daniel Sanz

    Pamplona, Navarre, Spain

    Party tonight? 🔥🔥🔥

  20. Mohamed Alkhalik

    Cairo, Cairo, Egypt

    So what is the plan ?

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