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Hostel Fish Pub Crawl

WE HAVE UPDATED OUR PUB CRAWL! Now for only $5 you will receive a free drink from the hostel bar, before heading out to some of the other great bars downtown!

The ONLY weekly pub crawl in Denver. Come on out to meet people who have traveled to Denver from all around the world, and grab a few drinks along the way. We have 15 bars in our line up, and during the few hours we have together, we'll try to make it to as many as possible! Some of these bars include Larimer Beer Hall, Retro Room, Sidecar, Scruffy Murphy's, Zanzibar, Marquis Pizza, Giggling Grizzly, Herb's Hideout, among many more!

Tickets will be $5 at the door and includes a free drink from our bar, be sure to get there early for registration! Registration starts at Hostel Fish at 6:30, where we'll grab a quick drink before heading off, arriving a little before then to ensure you don't miss us is always encouraged!

We'll see you Thursday!

AGE LIMIT: You must be 21 years of age or older to participate.