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Kitchensurfing Summer Camp Pontevedra 2018

Organized by AliChef

Hello everyone,
I am glad to introduce you to the start of this summer Kitchensurfing with style. We will be gathering in Pontevedra for a week and enjoy the local fiesta, a jazz festival and some excellent fireworks and also enjoy the local beaches for sun or event surfing. If you want to burn more calories, there are miles long trails even you can join the Camino de Santiago from here. There are many details on its way but do keep these dates in hand.
And of course there will be one of the best BBQ and other cooking specialties around. I will post more details from time to time.

You can also get more details in the facebook event, here is the link:


As I mentioned on the Facebook event page, I was unable to get a place for us to stay so you have t find your own place to stay. I have posted some events but it is more like a beach and surfing plus BBQs, fireworks and walks.

23rd evening meet up:

24th Santiago Fireworks:

27th Kitchensurfing BBQ:

On 28th I am planning either a curry night special or we could even go to Porto for a night.

  1. Myrka Vieitez Porto

    Pontevedra, Galicia, Spain

    Hi! Tell me more about this event :) i can not see the fb page. Could you tell me the name? I can check it from there. Thanks!

  2. AliChef

    Two Mile Ash, England, United Kingdom

    Hello guys,
    I thank you for joining the event. I am trying to find an accommodation for us but it looks harder as it is high season. I am waiting for some response and will update the plan accordingly.
    Thanks again

  3. AliChef

    Two Mile Ash, England, United Kingdom

  4. AliChef

    Two Mile Ash, England, United Kingdom

    Thanks for joining, here is the first link to our event. The main BBQ event.


  5. AliChef

    Two Mile Ash, England, United Kingdom

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