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    • End of Month Meetup!

    • Asylet, Grønland 28, 0188 Oslo, Norway
    • Tue, Jul 31 at 7:30 PM CEST
    • 2 attending

Language Café

Organized by Jonathan Hol

Everybody who wants to practice a foreign language or teach their own, is invited!

Place: Asylet bar (www.asylet.no) at Grønland.

The idea of the Language Cafe is to meet new people and speak the language you want to practice.

Usually after we meet we divide us spontaneously and naturally for smaller groups or pairs according to languages we want to learn. Of course everybody can change a group afterwards.

It is a wonderful opportunity to “break the ice” and speak the language even if our level is very basic. We can both learn the language and help the others by teaching the language we know well.

It is also a great possibility to meet a language tandem partner or just new friends!

Let me know if there is any questions.

See you :)