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Mad Cool Festival 2018

Organized by Davy Francis

A group for those attending Mad Cool Festival in Madrid between 12th to 14th July.

Thought it would be a nice idea to create an event on couchsurfing for those solo travellers attending the festival to meet up, make friends and listen to some great bands together.

Also for any locals to share any transport or accommodation tips for those you might not be familiar with Madrid.

There is a meet up at 19:00 Wednesday in Plaza de las Cortes. Please message me if you plan to attend so we can manage numbers. Thank you.

  1. Sandra Lopez

    Madrid, Madrid, Spain

    Hello!! I love music festivals, but I don't see the information of this event anywhere, could you send me some info,please?

  2. Jasón H

    Valencia, Valencian Community, Spain

    Hi, I already have a ticket but another friend wants to come now If anyone has any 3 day tickets to sell or knows where to get them , please contact me.
    Si alguien Tiene una entrada para los 3 días quiero comprar otra por mi amigo.

  3. Madrileiro

    Madrid, Madrid, Spain

    That’s a very eclectic line-up! Looking forward to seeing Pearl Jam, Sampha, Gold Panda, Massive Attack and more

  4. Gerard Morató Vinyes

    L'Alt Penedès, Catalonia, Spain

    Algú de Catalunya que tingui entrada però no tingui amb qui anar? Estic buscant gent, a veure si fem una bona colla!

  5. Rebecca Wilson

    London, England, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

    Just going for the Thursday! Excited about Kasabian!! x

  6. Sergio García

    Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid, Spain

    Check the line up! https://madcoolfestival.es/
    C u there!

  7. Rachel Jack

    Fraserburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

    I'm going all 3 days! Look forward to meeting some couch surfers there 🏄

  8. Emmett Enriques

    Northridge, CA, USA

    As someone who has never couch surfed, do you guys think it would be rude to ask someone to stay during music festival days?

  9. Jean-Marc Knoll

    Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid, Spain

    Not rude at all, but the timings mean I would perhaps only ask hosts who are also going. The festival is from 6pm to the early hours of the morning, interaction with a host not going would be minimal and that would defeat the main point of staying with someone.

  10. joachim

    Toulouse, Occitanie, France

    I m going to the festival on the 12nd of july to see Pearl Jam.Could anyone tell me how to get to the festival from the airport to the Mad Cool Festival via metro please?
    Thanks a lot

  11. Sergio García

    Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid, Spain

    Depends which Terminal do you arrive at Barajas airport, you have to reach "Valdebebas" train station

    Here is an example, from Google maps, if you arrive to Terminal 1-2-3, if you arrive to Terminal 4 is even easier ;)



  12. Jean-Marc Knoll

    Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid, Spain

    It is right next to the airport. If you land into T4 then you only have a short C1 Cercania ride to Valdebebas. If you land into T1-T2-T3 then you have to get the metro to T4 and then the C1.

  13. joachim

    Toulouse, Occitanie, France

    Thanks a lot for your help ! maybe i will see some of you at this festival..We might have a beer or two while enjoying the differents concerts !
    Take care..

  14. Asif

    Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

    Hi Guys, I am new to this site need help to get 2 tickets .. Please pm me if anyone know how to get it. thanks in advance.. Regards

  15. Ana Otero

    monterrey, nuevo leon, Mexico

    Hi! I’m looking for hosts who are also going to the festival the 3 days because I would really love to go with someone!

  16. joachim

    Toulouse, Occitanie, France

    Hi Ana i m going there on thursday if you want us to meet to enjoy concerts let me know !!
    Hasta luego

  17. Jess Mendel

    Girona, Catalonia, Spain

    Holaaa aquí una residente en Girona que se va a Madrid para el Mad sola, en principio solo sabado ❤️QOTSA❤️, me quedé sin abono... Quiero aprovechar para ver Madrid, bajaré del 11 al 15, me enseñas la ciudad? Me adoptas en tu grupo o montamos uno? Vamos todos juntos? Siiiii
    HI!!! Here a resident in Girona who goes to Madrid for the Mad alone, in first only Saturday ❤️QOTSA❤️, I was without 3 day credit ... I want to visit Madrid too, I will go from 11 to 15. You show me the city? You adopt me in your group or we made any one? We all go together? Yeeeeeaaaah

  18. joachim

    Toulouse, Occitanie, France

    Hola Maite

    Don't have whatsapp unfortunately for me..will be there on thursday maybe we can meet there with some other people to enjoy concerts !

  19. Kayacan Ünalp

    İstanbul, Turkey

    Thanks for the invite link Maite! Good job organizing everyone like this. Last year at another festival in Paris we the CSers gathered around with a Whatsapp group under the event page like this and we managed to form a really big bunch back then. Let's do it again, can't wait!

  20. Kayacan Ünalp

    İstanbul, Turkey

    And also thanks to Davy for setting up the event!

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