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    • Meditar ∞

    • Balta Shopping, Malecón Balta 626, Miraflores 15074, Peru
    • Sun, Jul 29 at 2:00 PM -05
    • 1 attending

Meditar ∞

Organized by Daniel Paz

👤🌀Si quieren practicar meditaciones guiadas en algún parque avisen y llevo unas cuantas en texto para leérnoslas esa es mi idea que todos participemos o si únicamente quieren meditar pues no leen no se obliga no se impone. Juntense tres o cuatro y yo llego. "Use the technique of going into and coming out of the meditation three times consecutively and you will find yourself more concentrative and better able to relax and allow your body to adjust itself to a better place. You want to be very deep and so we will use the three in and three out method of deepening"


“Año del Diálogo y la Reconciliación Nacional”

  1. César Augusto Gómez Montoya

    Manizales, Caldas, Colombia

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  2. Harold Landeo

    Lima, Lima, Peru

    Hola Daniel, ¿podrías brindar algún teléfono de contacto para poder ubicarte en el parque una vez llegue allá? Muchas gracias te antemano

  3. Lucy Peláez

    Lima, Lima Metropolitan Area, Peru

    Yo confirmo.

  4. Franck M

    Jesus Maria, Lima Region, Peru

    Yo confirmo!

  5. Daniel Paz

    Lima, Lima Metropolitan Area, Peru

    ya que no hay buen sol para hacer deporte voy a estar bajando el almuerzo hoy domingo de 2 a 3 pm en el parque Reducto si alguien quiere practicar o conversar de meditación 988202844 https://ia801501.us.archive.org/14/items/MethodOfDeepening2/MethodOfDeepening2.mp3 🌀 https://youtu.be/_xDmfDieGvU

  6. Daniel Paz

    Lima, Lima Metropolitan Area, Peru

    In a moment you will jump to the twin self who is in spirit. Who resides in a universe situated in the spiritual universe, a universe beyond even imagination. In this universe you will be engulfed by light. You will not be able to view your doppelganger twin self as the light of the spiritual dimension permeates everything with brightness and energy. The light doesn’t come from the sun star but is in every molecule of the dimension and comes from everywhere. There are no shadows only a brightness. But within the bright, the fog like bright, there is an intelligence that touches all who are bathed by it.
    Your twin self in this universe knows you are coming and will appear as a shadowy figure, a little less bright. You will recognize your twin self. Your twin self has a heart open to all and an infinity of empathy for all creatures. When you merge with this self you will yourself feel an abundance of good will and empathy for all creatures, great and small.
    I am going to count from one to three and a door will appear in front of you, the transit door. One, two three, imagine now that there is a door in front of you. This is the transit point, the jumping off place to get you wherever your intent directs you to go. Your intent this time is to go to the spiritual universe and visit a spirit twin self. Beyond the door there are an infinite number of dimensions, an infinite number of universes. Let’s visit the first one whose purpose is only an open heart to all, goodness, and empathy.
    I am going to count from one to three and at the count of three the door will open and you will jump or step through it; whatever you’re comfortable doing. You will then be immersed in a bright, white, fog like brightness. To bright for direct viewing. Imagine that; know that you are there.
    1, 2, 3, the door is opening, and now just jump through it and imagine being in brightness.
    (pause 20 seconds)
    Through the bright you barely make out a shadowy figure, still bright, but just a bit darker looking
    (pause 20 seconds)
    1, 2, 3, you are now with your spiritual self. You may hear words of wisdom from this self if you just stay in the light and open your mind. Look in the direction of where your spiritual twin self is and simply allow yourself to be immersed in the bright, white light. Take your time I will allow you plenty of time.
    (pause one minute)
    Now sense that self and merge with that self. After merging you may feel all pain, both physical and mental just floating away from you. From now on you will feel differently towards many others as you become more empathetic and open hearted.
    (pause 20 seconds)
    That’s fine. You may do this jump whenever you feel the need for empathy, goodness and an open heart. That was good. Now I will count from one to three and you will be back on this side of the transit door. One, two three. You are back on this side of the door, back in this dimension.
    In a moment I am going to count from 1 to 3, at that moment you will open your eyes, be wide awake and alert, feeling better than you did before.

  7. David Yancan flores

    Callao, Callao, Peru

    estoy interesado

  8. Franck M

    Jesus Maria, Lima Region, Peru


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