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Monthly CouchSurfing Language Meeting(Jan)

Organized by RAJ NAGARAJ

*** Monthly CouchSurfing Meeting - Practice Languages/Socialise Party! ***

- Started in 2007 by our Best friend Mr Toshi.
- For you to socialise with other CSers or to practise languages you are learning.
- This is one of the best opportunities for members of CouchSurfing community to get to know others!

As usual, any CouchSurfer can join. Please feel free to pop in, have a chat and make friends. You're shy? No worries, please tell me so - I'll do my best to blend you with people :-)

Please keep the map (url is below) and telephone number of the bar (+44 (0) 207 283 1505) as it may not be easy to find the venue if you are coming for the first time. Hope as many as CSers can attend and have fun!

Here's summary:
Date : Last Friday of the month
Time : 18:30 onwards
Venue : Loose Cannon
Tel : +44 (0) 207 283 1505 (Please note this number as mobile's reception is quite bad in the bar!)
Address : 13-16 All Hallows Lane, London EC4R 3UL
Map : http://tinyurl.com/EC4R3UL
(CS shows incorrect location - please check above map for accurate location!)
Bar's entrance : http://tinyurl.com/EC4R3UL-Entrance
Nearest station : Cannon Street, Bank, Mansion House, Monument
Fee : No fees (Please pay for what you drink/eat)

Nearest station : Cannon Street, Bank, Mansion House, Monument tube station
* Nearest station is Cannon Street Station, but you can walk from Mansion House, Bank, Monument tube stations. It's behind Cannon Street Station. Go right side of Cannon Street Station and across Upper Thames Street, then turn to left to the other side of under the train-bridge, then turn to the right. You should be able to see the bar : Loose Cannon.

Please see the picture : Map : http://images.couchsurfing.us.s3.amazonaws.com/37TJ1WP/3167081_l_cbf5956d3ddc1af8e4ad38e6c9fc0978.jpg
Bar's entrance : http://images.couchsurfing.us.s3.amazonaws.com/37TJ1WP/3475966_l_25b5e33c4f319c455ef8ead356c6412c.jpg

  1. Sami Sami

    Constantine, Constantine, Algeria

    hi I want to parctice english and make a new friends

  2. Cameron Atkinson

    London, England, United Kingdom

    hi all, I'm looking to speak german as much as possible. any german speakers/students want to chat drop me a line. see you soon!!!