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New York #faircrawl

Organized by Petra Drašković

join me as I discover authentic places of the city. We will start at about 10 in the morning with some nice fair trade coffee, continue with locally sourced lunch, following by visits to artisanal shops, in order to buy some souvenirs from the region. #faircrawls are the best way to travel. we will meet all these wonderful people who make a lot of effort in order to preserve the environment and reinforce local community of diverse people :). you can take a look at our previous #faircrawls here:Swissparks #faircrawl: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6ZnHopgrmGdcRvU-IkE4us_M1MLxAotR and sign up for similar events onhttp://welcome.thefairtraveller.org/faircrawls/

  1. Petra Drašković

    Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland

    the day is getting organized, and it's going to be amazing !!!

    If you would like to have our official T-shirt, please inscribe on our site (don't forget mentioning your size), and I will bring it to you on the event.http://welcome.thefairtraveller.org/faircrawls/

    The T-shirts are produced in USA from locally sourced cotton, and are printed with non-toxic paint. :) all in the spirit of thefairtraveller.org

  2. Petra Drašković

    Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland

    Check out this video from our #swissfaircrawl in June 2016. We had three teams running, biking and using public transportation during the European Sustainable Development Week and WE HAD A BLAST!!

    We are going to experience same fun on this event, so sign up and join the crowds

  3. Petra Drašković

    Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland

    Hello, the day is getting closer and it's getting exciting. Lots of #fairspot have confirmed their engagement, now it's up to us to choose from them.

    We are looking for an engaged videomaker to film the event, so if you have some affinity towards that, please contact me. You are going to get free meals, coffee, beer and wine through the day for about 1,5 hours of filming in total (we'll provide you with the camera).

    Hope this sound appealing, please let me know if you want to participate in this way, but it's also ok if you just want to enjoy the event meeting new friends.

    See you soon. :)

    If you would like to see some of our previous videos, please watch this YouTube list from a #faircrawl in Switzerland, in 2016:


    You don't need to do the editing, if you don't wish to, and we accept students, amateurs and professional video makers to come and volunteer for a day (and have lots of fun with new, interesting people)

  4. Petra Drašković

    Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland

    Dear participants, all 16 of you (if you clicked interested, please change it to going, we only have places for 20 people) :)

    The plans are going nicely, last #fairspots are confirming their participation :) we are going to drink some nice coffee, eat locally sourced food, drink craft beer and shop for ethical souvenirs :)

    I am going to publish our locations here on the event, so no worries if you're late or want to join the event later.

    For the early birds, we will meet at 10 Am for coffee at Laughing Man, on

    184 Duane St
    New York, NY 10013.

    Please call me on (201)442-1378 if you encounter an issue.

    See you tomorrow!!!

  5. Petra Drašković

    Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland

    Please let me know by 2 PM if you're going to eat lunch with us (I would need to pre-order a menu and for that I need a confirmation that you're going to come)

    It's 35 dollars, locally sourced food, organic and bio origins.
    Please send me a private message

  6. RUPOK

    Queens, NY, USA

    Hi All.
    Petra, do you know where the team will be around 630pm?

  7. Petra Drašković

    Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland

    Hello, we will be drinking craft beer and cider at one of the #fairspots at 6.30 pm (which one to be confirmed) just keep your eye on FB event https://www.facebook.com/events/378559652569669/?ti=as
    or directly contact me on the phone listed above

  8. Liz Mamo

    Freising, Bavaria, Germany

    Sounds like a great event! :) I'll join at some point and check the FB page for details

  9. Petra Drašković

    Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland

    So the schedule for today is:

    10 AM Laughing Man for some fair trade coffee and inspiring story - 1 NORTH END AVE and 184 DUANE STREET (Tribecca location

    1 PM - Rosemary's for one really nice story about rooftop farming and locally sourced Italian food in New York -
    18 Greenwich Ave New York, New York 10011

    3 PM - Zero Waste Daniel for the story of really nice clothes made entirely out of clothe scraps at 369 hooper street
    brooklyn ny 11211

    5 PM - Artisans of New York for beautiful glass objects and jewelry made in New York using ancient Egyptian and Persian methods in order to create art works at Bryant Park
    New York, 10018

    7 PM - Arts & Crafts Beer Parlor for locally made craft beer and ciders and some more art work in Greenwich village at 26 West 8th Street

    See you soon, you nice people, you,

    We're super excited

    note: This program is the best case scenario one, usually transportation causes delays or some suggestions from the participants takes us to see other places, there's also filming, eating, talking (having fun takes time), so if you are joining us on just some of the events, please follow this event page for live updates on our location, humor and fun.

    The fair and sustainable way to get around New York is to use public transportation, so please take your metro card with you (after the first #fairspot, we are going to go together to get some for the group.

    The organization is made by thefairtraveller.org , but your consummation is to be payed by you. Official T-shirts are going to be distributed to people who pre-ordered them at http://welcome.thefairtraveller.org/faircrawls/

  10. Petra Drašković

    Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland

    I am here at Laughing Man, 184 douane street and will be here until 11 am, when I'll go to artisansofny.com - à slight change if plans

  11. Petra Drašković

    Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland

    Hello, I decided to pop by Think Coffee at Mercer Street and I liked it here, so I will probably be late at Rosemary's, please let me know if youre coming there on my phone or here. I'll be 30 min late

  12. Petra Drašković

    Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland

    This day was great! I met a lot of people with inspiring stories and learned so much about new York.

    In the end, I didn't make it to Daniel's zero waste clothing store, and I finished up a little bit earlier at Arts and Crafts beer parlor (84 west 8th street) drinking nice ginger cider. If anyone wants to join me, it's excellent. The atmosphere is amazing, art work is even better. :) come.

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