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NYC Times Square Countdown

Organized by Eriko Hazama

I'll be NYC Dec28-Jan2
Is there anyone want go to countdown in NY with me?

  1. Liliana

    Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico

    Hey there Eriko! Will be there for New Years Eve and want to go to the Times Square Downtown. Maybe we can hang out there.

  2. Eriko Hazama

    Osaka city, Osaka, Japan

    Hi, Lilliana!
    Thank you for comment!
    Yes, let's meet up and hang out;)

  3. Kaori Oo

    FUKUOKA, Japan

    こんばんは‼︎私も日本から参加する予定です^ ^ですが、宿泊先に困っています。エリコさん、宿泊先に関するアドバイスを下さい(>_<)

  4. Eriko Hazama

    Osaka city, Osaka, Japan




  5. Kaori Oo

    FUKUOKA, Japan

    エリコさん、お返事下さって嬉しいです😊私は1人旅です😅相当調べたのですが、マンハッタン内ホステルでも6,000~8,000円、 AIRBNBでも9,000円という感じです。あとは掲示板で短期滞在を探しています💦カウチサーフィン(無料)もありますが初NYのため心配です😂タイムズスクエアから徒歩圏内が良いですよね😉

  6. Eriko Hazama

    Osaka city, Osaka, Japan





  7. Huw

    Newport, Wales, United Kingdom

    I'll also be in the Area visiting! So if people are free I'd be glad to meet up!

  8. Sanghun Lee

    Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany

    I don`t need an accomodiation but I would like to meet some people there to go restaurant together and see the balldrop at the time square. Are you all planning to visit the time square on 31th??

  9. Eriko Hazama

    Osaka city, Osaka, Japan

    Hi, Huw
    Sorry for replying late
    Yes, we can meet up!!
    I’ll arrive NY on 28th, let me know when you’re free :)

  10. Eriko Hazama

    Osaka city, Osaka, Japan

    Hi, Sanghun
    I don’t decide yet my plan, but I think I start to be in Times Square around noon.
    How about you?

  11. Shoya Kamikawa

    Kyoto, Japan

    Hi, I'm also interested in it.
    I've already booked a different hostel.
    But, can I join you only meeting up?

  12. Eriko Hazama

    Osaka city, Osaka, Japan

    Hi, Shoya
    Yes, sure!
    Let’s meet up ;)

  13. Marlene Brunnthaller

    Gunskirchen, Upper Austria, Austria

    Hi Eriko as well as everyone else!

    It looks like I will be in NY from 25/12 to 1-2/2 and it would be really cool to meet up with you!

    Eriko, did you already book an AirBnb?

  14. Eriko Hazama

    Osaka city, Osaka, Japan

    Hi, Marlene
    Let’s meet up!!!!
    We don’t decide yet what we gonna do, we can make plans

    And I’ve booked accommodation already.

  15. Sanghun Lee

    Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany


    I am planning to be at the times square around noon time. If we go later, then it might be difficult to be closer to the balldrop.

    I am staying in New York from 26.Dec till 2.Jan.
    Is there anyone who would like to hang out for lunch or dinner with a small group like 6 to 8 people? It would be great if we make a whatsapp group for the better communication . Anyone would like to join the group, send me a message. I will send the link of the whatsapp group.

  16. Cameron Macdonald

    Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada

    Hey guys,

    I am planning on going to NYC during this time and would love to meet up and hang out. I have not yet found accommodation.

  17. Eriko Hazama

    Osaka city, Osaka, Japan

    Hi, Sanghun
    Yes, we should be around noon.

    And I’m interested in your plan ;)

  18. Sanghun Lee

    Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany

    @ Cameron @Eriko, I will send a link of the whatsapp group to you via pm.

  19. Iván

    Cancún, Quintana Roo, Mexico

    Hi guys,

    Eriko an excellent idea!

    I am visiting New York in New Year! I’ll arrive NY on 28th. I want to go to Times Square in countdown, hope to find you, maybe we can hang out there.

    Good trips to all!
    Best regards.

  20. Sietske Nobel

    Yornup, Western Australia, Australia

    I would love to join you but it says this event has reached it max numbers ☹️

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