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PaaARTy #14!

Organized by Nick and Lauren

Come Celebrate our 14th Couch surfing Party!

Hey couchsurfing party people! What is a PaAAArty, you ask? It's a mellow, laid-back kind of gathering where artistic expression is welcomed and encouraged! From pastels to poetry, from the crude to the vaguely sophisticated, no manifestation of the creative spirit shall be deterred. There's no pressure to art, you are welcome to join us solely for our awesome company! If you'd like to contribute a performance act, please let me know before or during the party. (Examples: poetry recitation, guitar, ukulele, harmonica, stand-up comedy, T-Rex impressions, <your own unique genuis>)

Feel free to bring your bf/gf/husband/ wife or friends!

Food and Drinks: There should be some beer/vodka/whiskey/ or wine for people to enjoy, but bring whatever you want!

Chairs Needed: If you have folding chairs or Lawn chairs in your home we could definitely use some. Please let the organizer know if you can bring some and how many you have available.

RSVP for address and more details!

  1. Brian Baker

    Nashville, TN, United States

    Interested in attending! Interested in location details. And I do have memorized some of my poetry I'm happy to share if you like.

  2. Jessica M

    Denver, CO, USA

    This seems silly to ask, but is there a waiting list? Let me know if anyone decides to drop ;)

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