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Pizza + Music + Language exchange

Organized by CLAUDIA93

We are making a Pizza + language exchange at an apartment.

We will be offering delicious half pizza(3 slices of a big pizza) from 15 soles
Beers for 6 soles
Coke and other drinks for less

Find your partner and share a pizza flavour
We will make with olives, tomato, bell pepper and other things. Just ask for your favourite one.

We will have 3 guitars waiting to be played, so if you like music, you must come! There are also some games like jenga and scrable.

To make this event, we need at least 11 assistants, so call your friends and bring them or come alone and make new friends here. Let me know if you have any ideas for the pizzas or the beverages.

If you are comming, let us know with a comment, so we can give you more tips to get here and count you for preparing more pizzas.

See you soon

  1. CLAUDIA93

    Lima, Lima Metropolitan Area, Peru

    hola a todos. Confirmen su asistencia con un comentario para ver si llegamos a 8 personas minimo para la noche

  2. CLAUDIA93

    Lima, Lima Metropolitan Area, Peru

    Alguien mas?

  3. CLAUDIA93

    Lima, Lima Metropolitan Area, Peru

    El evento se hace. Direccion exacta Manuel irribarren 1280 , edificio 24. Departamento b102. Surquillo . A la altura de la cuadra 5 de domingo orue

  4. Jose Luis Rodriguez

    Lima Region, Peru

    Hola Clau hasta qué hora se quedan ? Ya comenzó ....

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