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9 Going

Regular bi-weekly meeting

Organized by Andreja Prpic

We are meeting every two weeks in Alkatraz, Preradoviceva 12 street. The wine is 7kn/dcl. They have good local beers. Ask the waiter about couchsurfers if you don't see us.

  1. Andreja Prpic

    Zagreb, City of Zagreb, Croatia

    I might not make it. Waiting for 4 hrs already for an important interview phone call. :(

  2. Erik Lamens

    Brussels, Brussels, Belgium

    Hi, funny, I'm in the bar now. Where are you guys?

  3. Tonchi

    Zagreb, Zagreb City, Croatia

    Oh, I hope you met others. I forgot to leave the event. I haave a situation at work and can barely breathe.

  4. Matthieu Irion

    Brussels, Brussels, Belgium

    I'm there too. Have a hat...

  5. Matthieu Irion

    Brussels, Brussels, Belgium

    Anyone there?

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