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7 Going

Regular Friday Pub

Organized by Ahmed Nadir

Helloooooo Csersssssssss,

How are you? How was the last week?

We would like to invite you for regular weekly meeting. Looking forward to another successful gathering. Anybody may just drop in. So you just may get to know new surfers, meet old and make new friends or just put up plans for the following weekend & week. Normally we meet at 8:00pm and stay there till 12:00pm and after that some of us spend the night together by crawling clubs or pubs.


It is forbidden to ask the following questions to the people:
1. "Where are you from?"
2. "What are you doing in Germany/Düsseldorf?"
3. "What do you do (Regarding Job)"?

The penalty is that you have to buy a drink for the person who you asked!


Please do not leave glass or bottles outside of the pub.

If on the way you grab some drinks, please do not leave those bottles at the pub or just in front of the pub.


We will meet inside. It is a small pub. Just drop in and say "hello".