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Встреча каучсерферов и путешественников

Organized by Elena Chumikova

Кто любит ходить в гости и дегустировать блюда кухонь мира? Начнем воплощать идею кругосветки, не уезжая из Самары. Начнем с вечера Израиля в гостях у Светланы, поговорим о традициях, особенностях культуры, праздниках, устроим дегустацию национальной кухни и расскажем о своих путешествиях! Кто был в Израиле- тем более расскажет из первых уст:) Присоединяйтесь!


    Paris, Île-de-France, France

    Hello guys ! Is this event english spoken friendly ? What it is exactly about ? Is someone cooking for everyone ? Do we cook together ? Are we gathering at someone's home ? Ok... too many questions, thanks in advance.

  2. Gala Andreeva

    Samara, Samara Oblast, Russian Federation

    Of cause english friendly ))) but for you it's a perfect opportunity to lear Russian as well )
    I hope I will feel better and come

  3. Misha M

    Samara, Samara Oblast, Russian Federation

    I am pretty sure that most of the people on this meeting know English.
    The plan is to cook israeli dish together (as much as possible) and share emotions and information about Israel.
    At someone's home, yes.

  4. Kristina Valeri

    Samara, Samara Oblast, Russian Federation

    hi everyone!
    What's about adress, needed things? I see a short note and not description

  5. Elena Chumikova

    Samara, Samara Oblast, Russian Federation

    Hello, friends! in the plans to cook a couple of dishes together, talk about the traditions and characteristics of the culture of Israel, talk about their travels and get acquainted. it's very cool if there are representatives of different cultures among us, it's more interesting. we want to buy products at all and then divide the cost of them between who came, this as for the details. Address is correct, Novo-Sadovaya, 238

  6. Sergey Plotnikov

    Samara, Samara Oblast, Russian Federation

    Guys, it's a great pity, but I have to admit that I'm sick. I wanted to see you all and talk with you so much, but I don’t want to expose you to danger =(

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