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SWAP* Project* ( Couchsurfers Exchange Meeting )

Organized by Mahmoud Hamouda

Dear All ,

On this Thursday we will go to a lovely place Shaket Garden City Cafe and make our meeting inside this cafe at Garden City in Cairo Governorate near of Sadat Metro Station and Saad Zaghlol Metro Station -Just ask for Mahmoud Hamouda Table .

location for cafe here under :

Google Map :

Or this link for direction :

This gathering for (travelers , foreigners ,Expats and local citizen trusted).
You can in this gathering Exchange every positive things without any cost for example :
( Experience , Travelling , Books , Knowledge , Language , Stories ,Scholarships ,..etc.).
- This event totally free .
- Don't hesitate to invite all your friends.
- No "whats App." message after we start our event just call me directly .
- We will go after this gathering to eat food from any near restaurant .
- -If you want to smoke ask all people behind you if you can .
We ask everyone to comply following rules to pass this event in peace:
1. Not to speak in politics.
2. Not to talk in religion.
3. Not to talk to any of the controversial aspects.
4. Not to harass any one of participants in gathering in any form.
5. Compliance with the general rules of behavior.
6. If you have a problem don't talk with anyone other than the organizer .
7. Acceptable suggestions and assistance is required.
8. Not to discuss any type of business .
9. This meeting is not for dating .
10. We must listen to each other to make it useful and in the final part of event we can make a free discussion among participants .
11.Not to engage in personal matters of any of the participants.
12.Preferably notified the event organizer If you want to share your contacts information (to our commitment to be safe) of course if you ant to share it's up to you .

* We support everything related to granting foreign education and small projects .
* All participants are welcomed from all countries of the world, without any distinction .

** Our Facebook Group :

- Feel free to call me or send a What's app. Message :
Mahmoud Hamouda
Whats App. No. : 01006327285

See you All

  1. Nizar Yousri M. Azmi

    Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

    Who is to join this outing? Do you all guys know each other?

  2. Deep M

    Cairo Governorate, Egypt

    It's gonna be my first time to attend the gathering in Egypt. It's gonna be a pleasure to meet you guys :)
    We want to spread the word. Cheers!

  3. Assem kaoud

    cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

    See you there!🔝

  4. Arina Bessler

    Bern, Canton of Bern, Switzerland

    I Just arrived recently in Egypt and found this Event by acvident. IT woukd be really nice to meet you Guys. How can I find this place? I cannot speak anything Arabic...

  5. Fatma Younis

    Alexandria, Alexandria Governorate, Egypt

    Looking forward to meeting you all :))

  6. Mo Amin

    Montreal, Quebec, Canada

    Happy to see an active CS community in Cairo . I'm looking forward to see you guys!!

  7. Hesham Abdel-Razek

    Cairo Governorate, Egypt

    I shall join
    Looking forward to meeting you all guys

  8. Manal Khozami

    Down town, Cairo governorate, Egypt

    هنتكلم عن موضوع معين محمود النهاردة ؟ ولا لقاء عادي

  9. Manal Khozami

    Down town, Cairo governorate, Egypt

    Arina i can meet you at zaghlol metro station and go togather if you like that

  10. Mo Amin

    Montreal, Quebec, Canada

    I'm on my way from Alex to Cairo and the train is grossly delayed, I don't think I'll make it this time. I hope to see you guys next week!

  11. seif Hassan

    Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

    I want to come. Are the event sill going on or what ?

  12. Mahmoud Hamouda

    Giza, Egypt

    Waiting you all in our meeting Today 30/11 / 2017 - Thursday at 7:30 p.m … for a free exchange and welcoming for new members.

    مستنكينكم في لقاءنا الأسبوعي اليوم - الخميس في شقة جاردن سيتي كافيه و مطعم الساعة 7:30 مساء ... التبادل الحر والترحيب بالمشتركين الجدد .
    Google Map :

    Feel free to call me :

    Mahmoud Hamouda
    Whats App. No. : 01006327285

    See you All

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