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Vinyasa Yoga Flow- in English, with Live Music

Organized by Katarzyna Kata

Come and join Vinyasa Yoga Flow classes…

with Live Music…

in English…

at Dom Tramwajarza- Jeżyce :)

What is Vinyasa Yoga?
It’s like a meditation in motion where you connect your breath with constant movement. At each class you will practice different sequence of asanas (positions) that altogether create a satisfying and a bit challenging yoga flow. It strengthens, awakens and makes more flexible your body, mind and spirit. You will get both more energetic and relaxed by releasing unnecessary tensions in your body and your mind.
I hope you will get inspired, more self-conscious, accepting and peaceful- yoga is a great journey into yourself with all treasures you have inside your heart :)

How does the practice look like?
We start each class with a short meditation that brings your mind to the present moment and helps you focus on and deepen your breath. Then we make a small warm up so you can consciously get connected with your body, give a good massage to your spine and… get ready for the more dynamic, creative flow made of different asanas. This part is a bit challenging, satisfying, sweaty :) mindful and… fun! After the most intense part we will slow down again, focus on stretching, letting go... Then get completely relaxed in your favourite Savasana pose (lying down:) ). After all the balancing, hips and arms opening, standing, twisting, bending and core strenghtening positions during the whole class we will take you to the relaxing journey into yourself, gently leading you with words and...
composed by Wiktor will be your supporting, inspiring and motivating companion during the whole class. It will help you get more into the flow and then deeply into yourself during the relaxation. He connects melody of a piano with contemporary sound of a synthesizer, groovy sound of a bass guitar and tribal rhythm of percussion instruments. It will reflect the yoga flow’s character and deepen your overall sensations.

* Other useful information:
- There will be 8 classes on Wednesdays, starting from 21.03
- Price: 30zł/ one class; (in cash please:) )
- Bring your own mat, comfortable clothes and positive attitude :)))

About us:
We’re a couple that shares a huge passion to life, music, yoga, travelling, nature and good food.
We both have experiences living abroad (Kasia- Sicily, Wiktor- Hamburg), so we know how essential it is to get united with good people in a good place- that’s why yoga and music at Jeżyce seems like a good idea to us :D

About Kasia:
I’ve been passionate about conscious and musical bodywork since I was a kid. I danced for many years, did fitness and Pilates- I’m a certified instructor and I conducted various classes both in Poland and in Italy. A few years ago I found Vinyasa Yoga and completely fell in love with it. As a psychologist (Health and Positive Psychology) I’m amazed by a holistic influence that yoga has on life and individual well-being. Our bodies are like books filled with one of a kind, fascinating stories that explain who we are today. I hope your yoga practice will help you discover, understand and accept your own story as well as inspire you to be a conscious author of the next one :) Filled with love, courage and harmony.
I teach Vinyasa Yoga at Studio Namaste Yoga and Foundation of Creativity, Culture and Art (ARS) in Poznań. During the weekends I attend a 200H Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance) in Warsaw.
About Wiktor:
Multiinstrumentalist, improviser and composer. Professionally scrum master and mediator. I’m truly fascinated about the power of music and the way it coexists with other fields of life. My personal mission is to produce and play music which brings authentic energy and emotions but also plays an integral role in serving something greater than a purely sonic experience. This is why I focus on composing and playing with bands, theatres and very recently yoga classes which I find fascinating due to its capability of enhancing flow and overall yoga experience.

  1. Katarzyna Kata

    Poznan, Greater Poland, Poland

    Hey guys!
    Thank you so much for your good energy at the yesterday's practice :)))) It's a pure pleasure to flow with you at the mat <3
    See you next week! Can't wait :)

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