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Weekly couchsurfers meeting @ Libertijn

Organized by Marcel Geenen

Every thursday evening couchsurfers are gathering in cafe 'De Libertijn' in the Papestraat, The Hague.
If you are a traveler visiting the city for a couple of days, new to the city and want to meet people or a local who has been here all your life, you are always welcome to join this gathering.
It is a great place to make new friends or to catch up with old friends, to exchange travel stories or local information, or just complain about your terrible day at work, while enjoying a nice glass of beer (or any beverage of your choice.)

Hope to see many new faces (and old acquaintances) there on Thursday

  1. Martin Espeldoorn

    The Hague, South Holland, Netherlands

    Are you all coming ?

  2. Razvan Bond

    Voorburg, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands

    I am! People usually just show up. Don't be surprised if they are a lot more then appear here on this app

  3. Martin Espeldoorn

    The Hague, South Holland, Netherlands

    Cool :)

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