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    • Amy Dillon

    • Southampton, England, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
    • Luna Bu

    • Seville, Andalusia, Spain

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Yoga Session

Organized by Luna Bu

These yoga sessions will be like a medicine to ourselves. We will strengthen, stretch and relax our bodies and minds in a welcoming, friendly and supportive space.

Our sessions will include some pranayama (I want to slowly introduce you with different breathing exercises), yoga poses/asanas and a short meditation/relaxation in the end. We will practice yoga with respect and mindfulness and will also playfully explore one or two more challenging asanas- to enjoy and simply have fun!

It is a welcoming space for everyone, therefore do not worry if you have never practiced yoga before. There will be no competition, only growth and support.

Location: YMCA Newtown Youth Center, Southampton, SO14 0AW
Price: 6 £

Send me a message if you are coming and take a yoga mat or a big towel with you! I look forward to meet YOU and guide you on your own individual yoga journey!

If you don't have a yoga mat, let me know please, I have few additional ones, that I could reserve for you.

Yoga Community group:

Function of this group is to have all the information about upcoming yoga classes, meet ups in one place and for easier communication between people practicing (or willing to practice!) yoga in Southampton.

Space to support each other and grow together.

Very welcome to join, share any articles, music, videos you feel like and be part of our little yoga community here in Southampton!