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Frankfurt 20 Dec

Video project (paying job)

coming to spend Christmas in Frankfurt

Carl Busch Great Christmas Circus

Jam session saturday afternoon

Buying Microphone in Frankfurt


hi, meet for a beer (for example)

Frankfurt->Hamburg by ICE train 50%!!! 2014-12-14 SUN

Frankfurt->Hamburg by ICE, 55 EUR, 2014-12-14 SUN

Reggae and Dancehall in Frankfurt

CS New Years 2015 in Lisboa

Hangout on Wednesday, Dec 10th?

Meet up for a beer/teach me some german/talk walkies around town.

CS meeting today, thursday 4th

Arrived 6 december morning in frankfurt airport

New Year's Eve in Italy

WinterCouchCrash Braunschweig, Dec. 11th - 14th

Meal tonight?

From Airport to Christmas Market

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