What's Happening in Banja Luka

New Topic

Norwegian Backpacker needs a couch :D

Alien in BL

urgent couch request from Slovenian students :)

A couch on monday 16 Aug.?

couch need tomorrow

Hosting u Banja Luku potreban!

... Emergency Couch Request for next week ...

Poseta Banja Luci

Trying to visit Banja Luka

Searching For Contacts of NGO in Banja Luka

Anyone up for a drink or a min CS meeting in Banja Luka

Hosting acrobats o the 10th of April!!

We are coming to your beautiful city and we need host

dana frankofonije u Banjaluci 13.-27. marta

Another CS Meeting

french guy going to shoot a movie in the balkans

2nd CS Meeting - hiking to Sehitluk

this week

karneval u subotu u Stivoru

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