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Caribbean bay

Riding around Jeju

i would love to host people in Busan form 2019/01/05- 2019/01/08

Making friends & language exchange(korean,enlish)

Language exchange(Chinese, Japanese and English)

First trip to Korea - Busan - Urgent need of host!

Meetup and suggestion for what to see in Busan from 21 to 27 july

Beer :) 🍻

In Busan in 2014

Looking for a volunteer for Free Taxi tour in Busan (June 27th)

Explore / meet-up in Busan 14th June

Jul 16th-21st in Busan, This Wednesday!

Hi Busan!

Hello Busan!

still looking for your English for my korean!!

Looking for local/expats wanting to meet up:)

Language exchange! Your Korean for my polish/english

Dutch pancake night in Busan – Saturday 12 May

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