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Looking for a host for July 29-31 :-)

Posto per dormire il 5 luglio

Desperately looking for a couch ...

due ragazze francese

up for a drink on 10 June

Walking in Treviso

transport from venice airport (marco polo) to treviso + meet up for coffee ? :)

Who wants to meet up?

Two girls in Sarmede

We are looking for a place to live!!

who wants to meet up tonight? :)

Vienna 26-28 September

Vienna 26-28 September

Meet up?

Dear friends, I need some help....

want to meet up in Treviso?

Job OFFER in Treviso province - travel agency send "couchSurfers" from China

Come raggiungere Lubiana

Airport Venice Treviso

Meeting in Treviso or Venice in July

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