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  • Fluent in English, German; learning Italian
  • 62, Male
  • Пользователь с 2009
  • Pilgrim / Vagabond / Research Student / TRAVELOR
  • Fernmeldehandwerker, Rettungshelfer (Red Cross) Student
  • Из Germany
  • Профиль заполнен на 100%

Обо мне


Creating a International Community


I am born very near of one of those castles my forefathers did serve. My place of birth was at home, but not to far away of the Pentagon of United Europe of 12th century, called BURG TRIEFELS. The region was already favored by the Romans and later by Europes first Emperor; Kaiser Karl der Grosse. He had many special places like protected big Farms called Pfalz. That is how my region got its name. [Ich bin aus der Pfalz. Ja ich ein waschechter Pfälzer]. He was a roaming emperor having his headquarters at many different paces. Look at this list of castles, for sure not all did exist around 800.

I grew up in a small village with a history of human settlement more then 30 000 years. It was a perfect place on top of a table-mountain for farming and gardening with water easy to dig and a huge forest (still the biggest in Europe) excellent for haunting in many different techniques including on horse back.

I have a very good family and I am the one who got the best from both sides. I am the golden middle of five children my mother and my father´s family did race.

My father was a teacher but nearly an Ingenieur for machinery building up a school from nothing left after war. His father and his grandfather worked for the railway. All had been very loyal personalities, not too ambitious. Grandma was a sensitive nurse and a trustworthy midwife. My family had a long tradition of natural healing. Her sister was also an educated none but always on mission in pacific. Grandfather´s brothers had been architects and ingenieurs. My family had been a much respected member in a community dominated by Protestants having once very high privileges given by the emperor before they had to flee and to hide during the 30 year long war about religion.

After last world war it was something extraordinary that my granduncle became second mayor in that village. He was a peaceful and quiet good character with a content attitude. I believe on my father’s site I had only honorable forefathers. I grew up in their farmhouse; two families with 10 heads in 3 generations had been living underneath one roof. I had a good innocent childhood. With entering school the problems started. I was not prepared at all. I even did not know my last name, I was just “de Magus”

1961-1966 Volksschule (primary school)
In five years I had only 2 teachers. Two or three grades had to share one classroom.

Sundays every member of the family went to our little church. It was more like a bigger chapel. The parish priest and the nuns did life in a village near by, purely catholic. The church is at the same hill as our castle. 1962 I received the sacrament of Holy Communion there, and in the same year I got confirmed by the bishop. It is unusual to get “knighthood” already in that age. It was an honor given to my family for about long history of serving ROMAN Catholic Tradition. I became a Messdiener (altar boy)

1966-1971 Staatliche Realschule
Thanks to the teacher, a refugee from Croatia who has encouraged me to dare to go to that school in a city near by. That was the second step towards the world, after moving from an the older partly poorer neighborhood to a very new part of the village and having soon there well educated newcomers like lawyers, Businessmen and professors but also some American Military Officers as neighbors. I had an inferior complex. I could only speak our local dialect and my mother has no education for the workforceat all. But she is a very good house wife and worked very, very hard to save each penny possible to pay off the debts for our own house they have build nearly all as much as possible on their own, with the help of her old father who worked in those fields when he was young. He has given that Bauplatz. My mother is very strong; if she would have married an American, they would have made a first million fast for sure in the new world. I had a new neighborhood and a new school. I was pretty lazy and very often I just copied the homework before school started or had to go to the bathroom. It was no fun competing with others especially with those who failed at high school. I was in the middle of the last third.

1971-1974 Berufsausbildung zum Fernmeldehandwerker
In those years I did life in a Wohnheim. Those days I like to remember well. I grew fast. Wednesday I was the DJ and every evening I recorded the finest Rock and Roll. I had several hundred hours of Music. Became member in several councils like Heimrad, Klassensprecher, Tagessprecher, Gruppensprecher, I was a respected young men. the weekend I spend with my old friends at home, Playing cards and table tennis. Going out for a pizza and dancing in the villages close by.

1974-1975 Fachhochschulreife Electronics
Here I made my A-levels. Studying Jean Paul Sartre should change my live. English was still my worst subject. But I made it to become again third best. I was very embicious, because now this exsame will decide at which school you get accepted.

1975 6 weeks Bundeswehr Soldier without weapon
1975-1976 German Red Cross Ambulance service
1976-1978 Work Entstörungsstelle. (Telephone-Repair-Man)
1978-1980 Staatl. Speyerkolleg ZBW
1979 6 month on the road from coast to coast USA
1980-1981 VHS Schöneberg Berlin, Allgemeine Hochschulreife
1980 on the road again, from Ney York to Newfenland, Victoria Island, LA in 6 weeks
1981 6 Weeks South Africa
1982-1994 Student at
http://www.fu-berlin.de/en/index.html Humanmedizin
Also this exame I was going to prepare
and for mental healing studium of these
1992-1994 Student at
http://www.hu-berlin.de/standardseite-en Dentistry
1994-1995 White House Washington
1996-2005 at Vatican http://www.vatican.va/phome_en.htm


Next all the library I did visit here:

You are welcome to you ask questions. See events, search Meting with BERLIN-Mark

Last 16 years I am a survival freak. Several years I did not touch money at all. I can stay 10 days without food but have never managed 3 days without water.

I can be happy with myself, alone and on my own. But I look for friends and friends of friends sharing ideas, thoughts and time.

I also enjoy helping to make this world a better place.
I need to improve my social skills and should get organized to make daily life a little comfortable and more productive.

The monkey-dance I understand sufficent
I had some wonderful relationships with beautiful and special women. Most of them did find me, but they moved on after a few years, because I did not have enough time. Sometimes for years I had about 70 hour schedule a week. But I could have kept 5 happy at the same time - I believed.

After twenty years with only three exceptions I am a neo-conservative about relationships.
Kissing is a ritual but we are not educated to understand this.
Most people think they are in love, but it was just pairing.


Personal philosophy I do not have, but never give up changing in order to continue the old. Ok I have a lot of personal philosophies but most are not mine. I just put them together. But for sure I do not like anything based on dualism. That was only good to make fast life and death decisions and brought us close to global suicide . I believe deeply in evolution. If all change a little everything will be changed. Grass root movements are a good thing, but not enough. I deliver ideas to decision maker in charge. I guess that is what I like most and would accept the title "Geheimrad" I have written to nearly all Nations represented at the UN. But I insist on Sanctuary of Mail, the pride of my first education.

Что привело меня на Couchsurfing


Actually I do not need a couch so far.


Yes I want to make friends.!

But I do not NEED. I have managed street-life 19 month in Washington DC, more then 7 years in Rome, some month in Germany, now second time in Madrid in December and following month, last just 3 weeks and 3 weeks in Malta now and I will continue in, Belgian, Norway, Germany Berlin, Frankfurt, Karlsruhe, Rome, Sardegna and just more to be over winter in Malta. At least every three weeks I will fly away to come back later to open my permanent head quaters in Malta.

I still could have good jobs as scientists-assistant again or others but this lifestyle was a decision and started here 1994. Visit our friend for peace.




I do participate on several lists and now I post daily some useful information. Somewhere. I do research for foreigners not knowing the keywords to start with.
Today I will tell you how to get a virtual credit card for free. And I hope more will support CS with a donation and verify their ID at the same time.

I do respond to all personal mailings sooner or later have still more then a few thousand unread messages (done thanks to McDonals they did not switch of WiFi over night), I am on many other Lists and get a lots of Newsletters. But I have unlimited space in account, if WEB-DE gives me step by stell a further 10 000

Sometimes Mail bounces but should be extended soon later. I keep all mail even comercial spam.
I read about 101 CS-lists also
I offer my personal experiences. I
You can monitor any specific Profiles and any page in cyberspace for any change for free, but just once a day, usually its done in the night. Get a free account in Berlin with



My Interests are on a very wide scale could say all and everything. My best sport had been horses and horse back riding, also some fencing (FLORET) and long distance running.
I want you to help me to build a chapel dedicated to an old German saint in the mountains of Sardegna.
Need to create a catholic family foundation at the place I am born because I can not accept my heritage and want to start an further foundation to support Langzeitstudenten living in my little house.
A hermitage I would love in our own forest for me to die there with 81 years or later. I would like to become old by staying young.
Would again I would love or like to race and educate horses.
I could be a singer in any band. I am playing music, but freestyle.
I am an all-rounder in some handcrafts and arts.
I will be writing books and could create a Hollywood serious about my life.
But I would like to publish my fantasies 30 years after I am dead.
I could be fighting medical doctors at court.
Maintain a huge Internet server, actually 3 mired in different countries.
Looking for people dedicated to the most important problem:

Military have taken life itself hostage.

  • horses
  • arts
  • writing
  • books
  • folklore
  • dancing
  • education
  • dining
  • yoga
  • running
  • meditation
  • walking
  • flying
  • electronics
  • gardening
  • traveling
  • survival
  • music
  • hiking
  • sports
  • fencing
  • tennis
  • table tennis
  • teaching
  • history
  • military science
  • nursing
  • religion
  • hitchhiking
  • mountains

Музыка, кино и книги

ERICH FROMM: The art of Loving.


I did read this book in German and I understood

SEX is not the way to everlasting LOVE

An special Friend http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herman_Hesse
Who wants to understand my diffrent lifestyles you need to read this
This is one of my most important teachers


I never had time to go to the movies. Music I did like to hear in the background while I studied. I rarely do read books. I rather spend time with my own thoughts.
Inspired by Cardinal R.: I hate books, they make me speak about things I have not experienced on my own.

Классная вещь, которую я сделал(-а)

Being speaker in all my schools and Universities from 1971 - 1979 and 1982,1992

Saved lives with professional Reanimation Red Cross Ludwigsburg

6 month hitchhiking from Coast to coast 1979
New York City YMCA
Living at a country community
smoking my first joint in the streets of Philadelphia
Writing my first poem near the house of Hemmingway in Key West Florida
Hiking in Arizona
"gambling" and eating in Las Vegas
Trip to death valley
Visited John Denver in Aspen Colorado
My first deep meditation Alpine Arizona

Pilgrim in a Catholic ZEN-Monastery with Franciscan monks and had some Japanese or Indian ZEN –Masters there besides teacher in Eutonie, Music meditation, www.musicosophia.de Yoga and a lot of studies in Berlin within the Backwahn-communities. But the first experience in Dietfurt changed me for ever. Or confirmed what happened to my spiritual being. I understood ZEN before I got hear the teachings. It is happening to everyone. You just do not realize or you have no method to keep it alive. Here is my school
http://www.meditationshaus-dietfurt.de. I did study American Native cultures a little. Belong somehow to the Church of Unity. Believe we should keep all traditions and teachings as original as possible but should know three at least. I have not studied Koran yet. First we should have the option for dual membership in christen churches, but always together with the only one Jesus himself did start with Peter. I am creating a pilgrim network to get all religious ordine closer to each other and to lost souls still searching. Who will not search will find also. That is were I am. I do not teach at all, because finding is most important. What you tell others they cannot find anymore on their own or might use it as decoration on their surface.

I have seen the Grand Canyon and had been down there walking through million years of History of mother earth. Understand since then pantheistic emotions. I have accepted to get high with hippies in the states, but understood soon later a real seeker is not doing any drugs. Illusion or not the way and I believe in the power of the subconscious mind and karma.

Without stimulus, or pushing therapists, all coming up is bearable and good either for spiritual growth, moral perfection or to improve social skills.

Учу, учусь, делюсь опытом и информацией

I still learn ZEN, and all other arts

Где я побывал(-а)

Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, France, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Swaziland, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States

Где я жил(-а)

France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, United States

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