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Informazioni generali

  • 47 Referenzas 23 Confermato e positivo
  • Fluent in English, French, Italian, Spanish; learning German, Japanese
  • 115, Female
  • Membro dal 2009
  • sales executive
  • Master in Sociology
  • Di Italy, Naples
  • Profilo completo al 100%

Chi sono

Live my life to fullest, contribute to the world's betterment in any possible way.

A mediterranean "animal" with a restless karma. Cultural diversity, airports, train stations and everything is on the move attracts me a lot. I suffer the travel bug syndrome. I am a master of improvisation and I travel to discover all the possible me's that I could have been in parallel lives.

- You are not fully dressed until you wear a smile.
- Live and let others live.
- Restrain your freedom where this affects others'freedom.
- Being alone does not mean being lonely.
- Do things in the present to avoid the burning regret not to have done them.
- Say goodbye and thank you to people you love as if it were the last time you see them. You never know where it's our last hour. You must be ready to have said and done all you wanted by then.
- Forgive your parents even if they were wrong, they are not forever.
- Explore parts of your soul that you did not think to have.
- Every year do something new and visit at least 3 new countries.
- Fight routine and predictability.
- Do not let work dominate you.
- Never go to work on your birthday but celebrate with a trip.
- Reading is good, but try first of all to write the white pages of your own biography, instead of spending too much time on other´s experiences.
- Karma is a bitch: don't do to others what you would not like to be done: the evil you do comes back to you, the good you do comes back to you multiplied.
- Cultivate generosity and humanity. Be sensitive to sorrow of people.
- Cherish and honour old people, help them, listen to them, learn from them. Because their youth is gone they can best tell you how to live yours.
- Try express your innate talents, instead of wasting time trying to do or be what you are not by nature.
- Life is full of possibilities and the life we live is only one random choice out of thousands of possible parallel worlds. Eventually though, I believe our choices always lead, sooner or later, to what we were meant to do and to be by something above us.
- God for me is the rationality and creativity that you find in Nature, from the smallest living things to the mystyerious Outspace. And by the way God is Woman :-)
- The idea of getting older scares me more than death. There's too much too see, try, feel at this world not to be young enough to enjoy it fully. God, I know I´ll be like one of those old ladies who fake their age....I like that old good quote from Mark Twain, who used to say: 'In 20 years you'll regret more what you didn't do rather than what you did'. Very true to me.
- Ah, and by the way practice random acts of kindness.

Perché sono iscritto su Couchsurfing

Meeting fellow couchsurfers wherever I go, to get the local feeling of places and get to know new friends. Taking good care of random travellers to BCN, provided they have something special I think we can exchange: an idea, an attitude, a skill, a smiley face..I also like to go to local gatherings.Deepening the friendships I made through CSing.

I always hosted foreigners, or friends of friends and got hospitality from others, even before couchsurfing. However, I was part of a previous coach surfing association (Servas), and hosted travellers from different parts of the world in the past. With couchsurfing.org I hosted several travellers and met for drinks many others. I plan to broaden my experience as a couch surfer and couch provider in the next months. All these experiences were wonderful and I learnt something good about life from each couchsurfer met.


My favourite: doing blitz-trips: experience the thrill of booking a flight a couple of hours before departing, take the very basic stuff with you and run to the airport excited to be somewhere else with no planning....Europe is a great place where to be to practice this sport...

I like visual things and all kind of arts.
I like those kinds of conversation that turn into a tandem stream of consciousness...
Planning travels and read the Atlas, watching cult movies, having dinner with friends, surfing the web, playing music, singing in jamming sessions and singing under the shower, I like all animals, especially cats.
I like drawing and I am a sketchmaniac.
Bioenergetics and biomagnetism: we all are made of and crossed by energetic streams, the only thing that survives our body. I like to read about olistic medicin.

I like tea rituals: if you wanna make me happy bring me a special kind of infusion or tea.

  • animals
  • cats
  • arts
  • singing
  • performing arts
  • running
  • coach
  • partying
  • drinking
  • yachting
  • boating
  • movies
  • reading
  • traveling
  • drawing
  • music
  • karaoke
  • opera
  • cycling
  • surfing
  • sports
  • paragliding
  • swimming
  • emergency services
  • japan

Musica, film e libri

all Fellini movies, 2001 Space Odissey, Dreams by Kurosawa, The taste of cherries, Woody Allen movies, the 5th Element, Sliding doors, La Vita e' bella, La vie en rose, Chaplin's movies, Italian neo-realism, Una giornata particolare, old comedies with Sophia Loren from the 50s, etc etc etc

Opera ( i listened to Puccini's Turandot over 100 times), Eric Satie, Chopin, Debussy, Dworak, jazz, folk and traditional music, rock, pop, electronica.
Takashi Kako.
Air, Royksopp, Bjork, David Bowie, Depeche Mode, Neil Young, Crystal Castles, Telepopmusik, Aerosmith, Pink Floyd, Billie Holiday, Arcade Fire, Astrud Gilberto, Richard Galliano, Amie Winehouse, Phil Collins, Kool and the Gang, Tina Turner, Chic, Diana Ross, Elton John, Annie Lennox, Patty Pravo, Pattie Smith, REM, Red Hot Chili Pepper, Coldplay, Dean Martin, George Gershwin, Frank Sinatra, Natking Cole, Miles Davis, Dinah Washington, Katie Melua, Jon Brion, The Thrills, Crosby Stills Nash and Young, Jacques Brel etc, etc etc
Ah, Edith Piaf. I love her.
I love Broadway Musicals: my favourite are West Side Story, Singing in the Rain and Company. I love old Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire movies.
The 80's music!!! I love it...
I love Grace Jones, the best female voice ever,so intimidating and powerful, and also, on a completely different genre, all Beach Boys songs( yes, don't laugh...)....'California Girls' was my best piece at karaoke...

I prefer essays and studies to narrative books but I loved Heinrich Boll, Joseph Roth and Soren Kierkegaard.
David Suzuki articles, speaches, books.
At my age I still love to read fairytales (Andersen, Grimm, etc), especially before going to sleep...!!

Una cosa incredibile che ho fatto

- Launching from a 400ft rope in tandem paragliding in Turkey
- Kissing a dolphin in Hawaii
- Trekking for 3 days on the Himalaya
- Seeing Mt. Everest, manifesting from clouds
- Floating on a balloon above the Egypt desert
- Chasing two magnificent Geishas through the old neighborhood of Kyoto and being paralized by their inquisitive and slightly pissed off gaze, as they turned back all of a sudden.
- Watching a mesmerizing performance of a group of Whirling Dervishes in Istanbul, on the notes of a choir.
- The first time I saw the Tour Effeil, from the bottom, arriving there by night, taken by a friend by car, with a scarf on my eyes, which I removed when I was just below it. What a bliss!
- Passing under a boat, while driving on a highway in Holland
- Being kissed spontaneously by a gipsy 4 years old kid while I was seated in a train travelling
- Gatecrashing at a wonderful new Years Eve hippy party in Amsterdam, hold on a boat, and getting the first train to Eindhoven back in the morning
- Riding semi-drunk a bike back from Carneval party night in Eindhoven at 4.00 am, dressed up like an angel with a pair of huge fluffy angel wings which made quite a air resistance...
- Swimming with a group of giant Turtle in the Carebbeans
- Talking about life and love with a random Japanese girl, with true empathy and understanding, only by gestures and drawing icons on a piece of paper, and then going together to the karaoke
- singing in a Japanese karaoke bar in Shinjuku
- Buying a ticket at the trainstation of Shanghai
- Watching the Total Solar Eclypse in Shanghai
- Experiencing -20 degrees while interrailing in Denmark on the 2nd of January...
- Being given for free some pieces of wonderful electric blue glass by a glass artesan in Cairo's bazaar
- Breathing the millenary smell of death into an Egyptian piramid
- Listening to the stories of sailors who saw a whale
- Being predicted the future with spotless accuracy by a Santera in Havana
- The blue smiley eyes of my beloved granny, right after she woke up from an intervention, after surviving 5 heart attacks, at the age of 98...strong lady;
- Seeing the Traviata at the Metropoitan Opera House in New York
- Crossing the Golden Gate on a sunny day with a friend by car
- Riding a bike, soaked in rain, at the Arann Island among a group of sheeps and swearing all the way long in Italian
- The Parthenon by day and night in Athens
- Being taken to Itaka by motorboat by a fisherman, who nonchalantly fell asleep while driving in the middle of the canal of Kefalonia, at high speed, and eventually got me step onboard a Swedish flag luxury yacht, to escape police controls as we did not have safety equipment or licence on the motorboat. I enjoyed the savoir faire of the Swedes in this unlawful situation...
- Being addressed Bonanni-san by a Japanese team of colleagues in Tokyo
- Sharing my flat with a Japanese friend
- Paying my respect to Ho Chi Min corpse in Hanoi mausoleum.
- Sleeping at the place of Mekong farmers and Black Hmong tribe in Vietnam.
- The grace of Apsara dancers in Camboya.
- Every time my dear guardian angel embodied into a random person or acquaintance helping me out from a difficulty.

Cosa posso offrire ai padroni di casa

travel tips and lessons learnt while traveling, views on the world, recipes, sense of humour.

Paesi che ho visitato

Argentina, Armenia, Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Cambodia, China, Cuba, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Martinique, Mongolia, Morocco, Nepal, Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Russian Federation, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, Uzbekistan, Vatican City State, Viet Nam

Paesi in cui ho vissuto

France, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, United States

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