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It's normal to doubt the legitimacy of part-time jobs over the Internet. Surveys, for example, sound like something that businesses won't really spend on. This notion reinforces the unease of signing up as a respondent on a paid survey site. However, what most people may not understand is that businesses badly need data to work with. The large amount of data they collect help them in improving their business, expanding their market and making big decisions. So why should they pay when conducting a market research? The truth is, although surveys may seem trivial and requires no effort, it is nauseatingly boring. It only seems exciting for the first few times. Or even the first few pages. Without the incentive to earn at least a small amount, there will be considerably less people who will take on the review. Plenty of those who do start it end up closing the window out of boredom.

There's much to be said about trying to earn cash and swag from surveys. Naturally, hardcore freelancers are first to jump on it and ridicule the earning potential of paid surveys. But then again, not everyone is a full-time and skilled freelancer. Paid surveys appeal to the part-time earners who are mainly homemakers. Housewives are likely to find themselves some lull hours within their day such as when the children are taking a nap. Instead of moping around or watching badly written soap opera and funny videos on the web, they can make better use of that time and earn some money on the side. It doesn't take reading an entire book of small business tips to understand how surveys work. No matter how minute the earning is, it adds up over time.

Unfortunately, it goes without saying that scams do exist. Some survey sites will fancy themselves as legitimate but put too much work into earning a quota and even adding ridiculous requirements that they are essentially scamming their respondents. Before diving in, it is imperative to do some research beforehand. Before signing up on a seemingly promising platform, look for reviews by other users who have already tried it out. Searching for ebates review, one of the popular legitimate review and survey sites, will show positive reception from users. Naturally, there's bound to be some negative reviews. These reviews may be from respondents who are unable to get plenty of reviews due to them failing to be the targeted demographic of said survey most of the time. Or it could be that they simply hate that they can't make it a full time way of earning.

As mentioned earlier, this earning opportunity doesn't pander the mainstream freelancing market. Freelancers who earn multiple times in comparison to paid survey will definitely be disappointed. On the other hand, those who are interested to earn some money on the side can start checking out and other similar reviews to get a better idea on how to begin. It's also a good idea to join communities who have the same interest in paid survey sites.

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