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About Me


Better, Faster, Stronger


Regardless of location and circumstances, always up for meeting for drinks, coffee, fun, or to go exploring.

Siempre me gusta conocer a las bebidas, el café, la diversión, o explorar.

toujours l'amour pour rendez-vous


There is NO such thing as ¨the future.¨

There are only an infinite set of possible futures that we can arrive at through the decisions we make - in the face of the trends and circumstances we can predict and know...and in the face of those change-drivers and events we can't predict or know.

To resign to fate, or indeed to be pessimistic, is a lazy and tragic way to go through life, and denies your own agency in your outcome and success.

"You should make amends with you.
If only for better health.
But if you really want to live.
Why not try, and make yourself?"

(favorite album of my favorite band)

I also dont think we are meant to live alone! And Ive never in any country or person seen happiness existing unshared!

I got a lot of faith in humanity, that there is wonder, love, and good in our world generally, and in the base of our nature. Ive read alot otherwise, but all I've seen myself actually has swayed me to think that our race is gonna make it! haha.

Why I'm on Couchsurfing


Hi. Ahem, well...I value and love travel (shocking as that may be for a couchsurfer haha)...I can think of and agree with lots of great reasons to seek out and explore strange new worlds and new civilizations, so to speak...nobody's a higher rationale than the others, but I guess I'm driven out there for direct experience with what I like to think of as the ¨real world¨...an inclusive universe, we all occasionally need to be reminded, that spans far larger than the city, job, friends, newspaper, and routine we grew up with...and intersects with but also diverges far from the immediate reality we operate in at any point in life.

Studies have timelessly and universally shown that traveling around the world is peoples' single most common fantasy. When done thoughtfully, I think travel is a means to discover the world, not escape it, and while people banter alot about "finding themselves" (or, that is, finding why they left in the first place haha)... like life itself, it is worthwhile and better remembered for the personal connections you make organically en route, those which brand themselves into your mind to shape your life as much as any observation or experience.

Part of what's great for me about being and meeting a traveler (and no delusions here - I am certainly as touristic a tourist as ever sometimes haha)...is forging relationships with diverse and unconventional people and - without any criteria - any new earnest friends, as the real world and its characters are more fascinating than any movie, book, or fantasy ever written.

I have alot of respect for the Lonely Planet company (and have met Tony and Maureen Wheeler, the founders, several times at industry events! --- awesome and humble people, and have a keen love for what they do even in old age!) They've empowered a whole generation of independent travelers and saved them and me hassle, danger, and money!

I plan, design, and strategize quite a lot, in travel, work, and through life in general...sketching lots of ideas and making foresights constantly. It's part of who I am.

...but (as anyone who's known me long enough will attest) I readily adjust my pace and my plan according to the incorrigible (and interesting) interventions of life itself!...I adapt it all to the people and opportunities that come along or that I walk into --- Life is much more rich that way!

I say this all just so you know that I am flexible and creative first but still pretty thoughtful, methodical, and deliberate about plans and decisions (and less random than I often seem to people haha) - That despite what I can't predict I think ahead alot, and that I am always trying to improve myself to be a better listener.

When it applies to travel and adventure, how to strike the right balance between anticipatory homework and allowance for serendipity is a matter of much perpetual (and pretentious) conjecture. While it marvelously augments the quality of your trip to slow down for places and people you like and refrain from overplanning...underplanning and underrunning, or just ¨winging it¨to excess also precludes you from just as many opportunities - simply because, well, "you never knew you never knew!"

I also don't believe that compulsively avoiding tourist sites constitutes some sort of adventurous ¨high road¨- plenty of popular places come by their reputation honestly! And wow I can't imagine missing places like Ngorongoro Crater or Esfahan or Shinjuku just for the sake of discerning yourself from other travelers, right!?

I feel stability and a sense of base is a need and craving every bit as human as freedom - the true battery of travel (and to which money, drive, and nationality are even tangential.) I like to feel a sense of home or place as much as a sense of wonder or curiosity.

Every person is a world unto themselves to explore! - That seems to be the core of CS, and so I try to be a good host, guest, and tour guide.


Just getting started, but awesome so far. My experience with CS has resonated through lots of other parts of my life and the ideas and people it's responsible for have been absolutely smashing! One of the first people I traveled with from the site was a Mexican girl who dove headlong through central Africa, Atlantic to Indian Ocean (everything went remarkably and entertainingly wrong,) and dragged me along with her- When I asked her how shed become so trusting in people and why she was hardly ever worried, she grinned and put out her thumb to hitch and said "Esperanza es en la calle."



SO much...feels kinda cool that with the passing of each year I understand how little I know

For Practical:

Business and Import-Export Opportunities, E-commerce, the tourism industry, Aviation, Working with Chinese Consumers and other Emerging Markets

One Amazing Thing I've Done

I can't recount how many people have amazed and surprised me, and changed or touched my life for the better...but I owe a large debt of thanks. Friends and strangers.

Same goes for places, and there are a whole lot of amazing and moving things that I've witnessed on this earth.

I got an endless supply of funny stories for ya too...

Between when I was 17, when I first left the country, and age 29, I visited some 160+ countries, by foot, plane, bus, boat, and bike. For work, study, research, curiosity, fun, and occasionally by accident. Nowadays the places on radar for further or future travel are these:

Make yours @ BigHugeLabs.com

But since travel is not like bulk shopping or stamp collecting, it doesnt really matter in retrospect this number, and it is not a marker of much knowledge on my part about most of these places. Furthermore, I would bet my bottom dollar that the lion's share of borders we see on our modern political map of the world won't last out my lifetime, a change-driver the world has seen continue as the number of recognized nations has doubled within the past one hundred years.

The oceans, of which I've seen far more and in far further depth (and, well, quite literally "further depth" I suppose)...are less well-mapped and delineated by humans or technology than the surface of Mars.

I've had a few bumps here and there on the road (and more than a few bumps have happened...we've been intercepted and attacked by armed pirates twice, for instance!)...but my favorite close call happened in the middle of the Pacific. Check it out: -


The disaster was covered by CNN, BBC, most major American newspapers, and has since been turned into a documentary on The Weather Channel 's "Storm Stories."

It was probably the single most transformative experience of my life, and changed me forever.

And so... after that I was glad Im up here, not down there, to check it all out!

And thank goodness...because the world is indeed, contrary to some popular mythology, conventional wisdom, and media hysteria...way safer and easier to travel than ever before, and in addition to this general kindness of strangers, what an awesome planet we have!

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