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  • Theatre playwrite, producer, set and costumes designer
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About Me


Understand people better, be surprised, change ideas, change the world!


Hello all! I'm a single mom living with my baby boy. I still have room for a CS on the living room couch but it goes with some rules such as making the bed back into a sofa every day, not going to bed before midnight and having Mathys and I taking breakfast at 7:30 in the same open space... Sometimes I can sleep in my bb's room and lent my own room for more independance on both sides ;-)

Mathys, my son, sleeps well at night and he is a good easy going smiling baby. Anyways, I guess I'm not a typical mom. I'm not just a mom either!

I think it is worth talking about my personnality a bit cause I'm not sure I showed the right image of me on my
profile untill now haha! I LOOK easy going AT FIRST... but I'm not as much. I I think it is why I've had many CS who did not leave a reference lately. They might have been surprised? I love the house filled with people, yes, but I dislike when it is untidy. I love to invite for a meal but I'm always surprised when I'm not offered for help with washing the dishes or if I don't get a "thanks". I don't want a restaurant invitation as a gratitude gesture (don't forget I have the baby and a home -any- where he can run or street, in the carrige, is the best for him) I much prefer a hand with the cleaning of the house and the groceries. Restaurants are expensive and you usualy don't have much monney!

You see... I need JUSTICE (too much, I know... but I'm working on it ;-) ) SHARING, to my opinion, is not the host giving it all and the surfer might eventually do the same in return when he'll be a host as well. SHARING is sharing the unpleasant tasks of a house too... and they can become Soooo much more pleasant when you are two doing it :-)
I don't see my CS as my guests as much as people who can share activities, stories, trips experiences and tasks with me. I keep my "invitations" were you sit and lay back for my friends! That is why I dislike went I'm asked to allow a CS to "CRASH" in my couch... loll

ALSO... I am a very honnest person. I tell you my needs, I expect you to tell me yours. I tell you what I like and dislike and I kind of love to have arguments (not typical of the quebecoise culture is it?) All that to say that you should not be surprised by my honnesty. It is a gift I offer you: I offer the truth of my heart. Not some "unicorns and rainbows and everybody is nice" kind of discussion. But don't worry: I'm looking for the positive in every thing! If I was a pesimist, I would not have had a kid :-)

I'm finaly (and not the least) pationate about my work: I choose my job. I'm not making any money out of half of it but I DESIGNED my job the way I wanted it and I'm crazy for it. You'd think on a traveling website I would avoid talking about work? Well No cause there is no boundaries between the two!

I built a theatre compagny. For the moment, I write a play every year. I make a trip for every play I write.
Hopefully the baby will have a tough immune system to go back REALY traveling with him soon (not just in Europe, wich he has done at 3 Months) ;-)

My creations include:
- Mythology and History(making me interested in museums, shows),
- specific Cultures(making me eager to meet people, see manifestations in the streets, events, holy days, etc),
- Photographys or videos (wich makes me want to see homeland people, land scapes, villages, tribes, traditional arts and crafts, trad dancing etc)...

- and a modern concern that is very personal to me or that I picked from the news papers, from a friend or else. So I may suddly get deep into organic farming on one trip, orphenages on another one, women asociations or monneymakers and the riches'way of life on the next one...

I studied sets and costumes design.

Doing it still (not always for my compagny), writting and producing the shows I wrote, managing the teams, teaching costume production in a high school and being house cleaner in 4 houses make me a very occupied woman.

I like to spend my free time organising diners with wine and friends. There, I like spending my saliva on news of the world, philosophic discussions, or human imperfection/beauties demonstrations.

Otherwise, I love attending to modern dance, jazz or theater shows, cooking with the seasonal goodies, bicycling a lot everywhere in the city, African dancing or clubbing sometimes, Volunteering for Burkina women associations, reading and... traveling.

So, how ever occupied I am, It is planified and essential that I travel far once a year. During my trips I like to collect fabrics, pictures, objects and mini stories to feed my plays and conversations. That is why I also want to talk to as many people as possible.

I am friendly, interested in many different subjects, History-culture-politic-religion-philosiphy-spirituality-artistic-every day life curious...
Not interested in bullshit...

Yes, I look all reasonable and set up but... without knowing how I do it, I will suddenly change all my reasonable plans and turn spontaneous, follow my instinct... be foolish and unpredictable.

I'm a libra so I navigate between extremes but I'm pretty balanced in the end :) My friends think I'm totally crazy... but in a good way, I guess Lolll.

Can't wait to meet you!

PS find my name in my profile... I always like to see that CS have read my profile when they send a request :-P


Why do it simple when it can be more complicated (more to discover, more surprising, unforgettable, more to learn, fun fun fun)??!

OK Well I just red this notorious quebecois guy opened letter in the news papers. He is talking about Quebec politics and politicians but he gives that exemple of an experience that was done on rats, years ago: 2 rats in the same cage- When they both receive an electric choc (a stress), they start fighting each other. The moment the stress stops, they become "civilized" again. If the rat is alone in the cage and gets the electrical choc on a regular basis, he has no one to fight against and will develop a cancer... Apply the same to humains: in the cities I love so much, people have a tendancy to get agresive because of high stress, high population, working fast, too many stimulations... OK but if you get to interest yourself in the OTHER, knowing the other, understanding all sorts of OTHERS, love their grey scales of qualities and defaults, their different values and ways of seeing life. I expect great things from the other and I crave for VERY FLUID COMMUNICATION with and from everyone but it is not ofthen the case so sometimes -many times- I am very disappointed by the OTHER but I think I dedicate my life to understand that other on witch I rely so much... in order to stop ever being disappointed anymore, one day and become wise...

Some one said (can't remember who) Happyness will not come when everything is perfect but when you will have accepted the imperfections of everything...

Why I’m on Couchsurfing


I participate AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE! Nearly every day ;-)

I love sharing with people in general and every thing is more fun with someone rather that alone. But especialy, I think it is amazing the random conversations you can have with a surfer that turns deep and changes something unexpected for you, in the end.


Just amazing! I have surfed first and however the dificulties, I'm now trying to host as much as posible to give back the generosity I received. See my references/comments on people for more details about what we do when together, couch surfers and I...



>Cities even more than country side because I love: theater, mordern dance, african dance, flamenco, tango, jazz, electronic, world beats music, chansons françaises, puppets, old toys, antics, decoration, cloths, fabrics and fashion, arts and crafts, museums, performances, out door markets, streets at night, architecture, pictures, cinéma (art-independent, author-films. Not blockbusters or horror so much), cooking (I'm not a pro), tasting, world food, walking, bicycling, running, trekking, swimming, reading on a beach (not too many days in a row: I get bored) drink and danse, chatting, writing, drawing, painting, window shopping .....................

but villages are sooo full of charm and new things totaly unknowed to me... and I'm soo curious... ;)

Music, Movies, and Books

Pfff too many! On request..

One Amazing Thing I’ve Done

diving for the first time in Grand Cenote, Tulum, Mexico...

Teach, Learn, Share

I'd be happy to teach basic sewing, basic drawing, French, basic English or basic Spanish. Love to share visions of life, experiences and maybe change my ideas because of you?

Because I will always have so much to LEARN:
- would love to learn a new laguage
- would love to learn to use a computer better
- would love to learn the History of your country
- would love to learn traditional waving and fabric dying
- would love to learn to knit
- would love to learn to dance
- would love to learn to play an instrument...

How funny that people ONLY have awsome things to share on CS... How not representative of the real experiences...

BURKINA: They are soo generous when they respect you! But get respected because some will always see you as a white wallet on two feet -if you are not an african who stayed in Africa- When you throw a party, you are expected to pay for every single detail, including transportation of your guests some times... and that is including an invitation to go drinking or dancing together. It is never one for himself. Always someone -the oldest or richer or host- will take care of all the group... Being alone, for an African, is way worst than it is for westerners in general. They will share a lot, talk a lot, dance and play music, listen to you but don't go too deep in the private and family privacy department because it is considered way more private than for us. Ofthen, they won't even want to think about it because problems at home are taboo. I found Love was a little taboo too...

THAILAND: They don't like toursts as much. They have too many and their tourists are too wild, loud, stupid, cuising their woman... But the interesting thing is they do not see that (nor prostitution) as much imoral as we see it in Western countries. For them, sex is an exercise and has little to do with love. Getting monney from it is a good thing! You become a super-heroin when you leave children and family to go working (...) in Pattaya, for exemple... Also, I learned they don't consider the link between mother and child as sacred as we do in America and Europe: If the soul of the child does not fit well the soul of the parents, they will give the child to someone else for a better fit...

MEXICO: hummm... I learned that mexican guies like white girls a lot! Lolll and they make you dance salsa like a queen what ever your (lack of) skills. They are (the men) a little macho too, obviously. But when mexicans have been too long in Montreal, they lose that facination on westerners (normal) and don't invite you to danse salsa anymore! Lolll. Interesting. People are very nice (love the culture) and interested in you when you make the effort of speaking their language. The country itself has everything to offer! Mountains, deserts, big urban cities, colonial charming villages, jungle, beaches, ruins, lots of museums, cenotes, wildlife, divine food, mezcal, ancestral knowledge, amazing art crafts etc. LOVE IT!

Much much more...

Countries I’ve Visited

Burkina Faso, Côte d'Ivoire, Dominican Republic, Germany, Italy, Laos, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, Spain, Thailand, Tunisia, United States, Venezuela

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Belgium, Canada, France, United Kingdom

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