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  • 171 Referenzas 85 Confermato e positivo
  • Fluent in English; learning French, Italian, Spanish
  • 30, Female
  • Membro dal 2007
  • art teacher & summer camp director
  • lost my diplomas in moving boxes... oops
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Chi sono

just a fly chick who loves to fraternize with folks from all around... couchsurfed strong for five years from 2007-2012 and am now back from a three-year hiatus! yeeehaw!

eager / ebullient / eccentric / educated / eeeee! / effervescent / egregious (in the archaic sense) / ehhhh.... / eidetic / ejection-seat-esque / eke (!) / elastic / emboldening / enigmatic / *-eous / epicurean / equanimous / erudite / esculent / ethereal / eudaemonic / evolved / EW (this is a real acronym, for you Googlers out there) / extemporaneous / eye-opening / ...... e-z 2 talk 2 ;)

Perché sono iscritto su Couchsurfing

to meet vivid, engaged, like-minded (and different-minded) individuals! to host travelers whose top priority is meeting locals and experiencing their cities through their eyes. if you'd like me to send a host request, please review the list of "e" words in the "about me" section, choose the one that describes you best, and tell me what it is in your couch request!

So Far...
HOSTED: 66 times
SURFED: 49 times
HOSTED Laura from Washington, DC (Dec ‘12)
HOSTED Joshua, Victoria, Canada (Dec ‘12)
HOSTED Aaron, Venice, CA (Dec ‘12)
HOSTED Jeremiah, Houston, TX, USA (Dec ‘12)
HOSTED Christoffer, Mälmo, Sweden (Dec ‘12)
HOSTED Nicolas, Switzerland (Dec ‘12)
HOSTED Pawel, Poland (Sept ‘12)
HOSTED Lex, Brooklyn, NY, USA (Sept ‘12)
HOSTED Ido, Haifa, Israel (Sept ‘12)
SURFED Brooklyn, NY, USA with Zach (Sept ‘12)
SURFED Portland, OR, USA with Jason (Sept ‘12)
SURFED Seattle, WA, USA, with Eric & Gene (Aug ‘12)
SURFED Vancouver, BC, Canada, with Cole (Aug ‘12)
SURFED Vancouver, BC, Canada, with Rob (Aug ‘12)
SURFED Vancouver, BC, Canada with Cam (Aug ‘12)
SURFED Seattle, WA, USA with James (Aug ‘12)
SURFED Chicago, IL, USA with Antawan (Aug ‘12)
SURFED Brooklyn, NY, UA with Ben (June ‘12)
SURFED Harlem, NY, USA with Tomi (June ‘12)
HOSTED Mike Luke Rob & Chris, Nottingham, England (June ‘12)
HOSTED Shawn, Vista, CA USA (June ‘12)
HOSTED Liz, Allentown, PA, USA (June ‘12)
HOSTED James, Clearwater, FL, USA (May ‘12)
HOSTED Alex, Portland, OR, USA (May ‘12)
HOSTED Nishant, Seattle, WA, USA (May ‘12)
HOSTED Jesse, Maine, USA (April ‘12)
HOSTED Carrie, Illinois, USA (Mar ‘12)
HOSTED Nicole, The Netherlands (Feb ‘12)
HOSTED Nienke, The Netherlands (Feb ‘12)
HOSTED Ray, Massachusetts, USA (Jan ‘12)
HOSTED Shane, Wisconsin, USA (Jan ‘12)
HOSTED Tim, California, USA (Jan ‘12)

HOSTED Nardi, Washington, DC, USA (Dec ‘11)
HOSTED Ben, Brooklyn, NY, USA (Oct ‘11)
SURFED Brooklyn, NY, USA with Ben (Oct ‘11)
SURFED Harlem, NY, USA with Tomi (Sept ‘11)
SURFED Venice, Italy, with Franco (Sept ‘11)
SURFED Brooklyn, NY, USA, with Geoff (Sept ‘11)
SURFED Mt. Airy, Maryland, with Tim (Aug ‘11)
SURFED Amsterdam, The Netherlands, with Asher (June ‘11)
SURFED Amsterdam, The Netherlands, with Snowy (June ‘11)
SURFED Amsterdam, The Netherlands, with Timo (June ‘11)
SURFED Modena, Italy, with Eliza & Luca (Apr ‘11)
SURFED Edinburgh, Scotland, with Stu & Tim (Apr ‘11)
SURFED Newcastle, England, with Steve (Apr ‘11)
SURFED Manchester, England, with Mika (Apr ‘11)
SURFED London, England with Sam (Apr ‘11)

SURFED Phnom Penh, Cambodia, with Ramon (Dec ‘10)
HOSTED Raphael, France, (Aug ‘10)
HOSTED Steve, California, USA (Aug ‘10)
SURFED Tokyo, Japan, with Emily & Jo (Aug ‘10)
HOSTED Rafael, France (July ‘10)
HOSTED Anne-Claire, France (July ‘10)
SURFED Amsterdam, The Netherlands, with Ramon (July ‘10)
SURFED Paris, France, with Marc-Antoine (July ‘10)
SURFED Amsterdam, The Netherlands, with Ramon (June ‘10)
SURFED Copenhagen, Denmark, with Jacob (June ‘10)
SURFED Århus, Denmark with Thomas (June ‘10)
SURFED Brooklyn, NY, USA with Joe Che (Apr ‘10)
SURFED San Francisco, CA, USA with Bill (Mar ‘10)
HOSTED Kegan, West Virginia, USA (Feb ‘10)
HOSTED Connor, North Carolina, USA (Feb ‘10)
HOSTED Jordan, Massachusetts, USA (Feb ‘10)
SURFED Zürich, Switzerland, with Nicolas (Feb ‘10)
HOSTED Richard, Australia (Feb ‘10)

SURFED New Haven, CT, USA with Nigel (June ‘09)
HOSTED Jonah, Canada (June ‘09)
HOSTED Jordan, Nevada, USA (June ‘09)
HOSTED Amadou, New York, USA (June ‘09)
HOSTED Siana, Maryland, USA (June ‘09)
HOSTED Carlos, Texas, USA (June ‘09)
HOSTED Thomas & Simon, Denmark (May ‘09)
HOSTED Andrew, Michigan, USA (May ‘09)
SURFED Brooklyn, NY, USA with Joe Che (May ‘09)
HOSTED Alex, California, USA (May ‘09)
HOSTED Michael, Germany (Feb ‘09)
HOSTED Nicolas, Switzerland (Feb ‘09)
SURFED Brooklyn, NY, USA with Elliott (Jan ‘09)
HOSTED Lux, Massachusetts, USA (Jan ‘09)

HOSTED Juan, California, USA (Nov ‘08)
HOSTED Sean, Massachusetts, USA (Oct ‘08)
HOSTED David, Canary Islands (Oct ‘08)
HOSTED Luke, California, USA (Sept ‘08)
HOSTED Luke, California, USA (Sept ‘08)
HOSTED Christy, Pennsylvania, USA (Sept ‘08)
HOSTED Joke & Wouter, Belgium (Sept ‘08)
HOSTED David & Robert, Illinois, USA (Sept ‘08)
HOSTED Robert, Germany (Sept ‘08)
SURFED Brussels, Belgium, with Scott (May ‘08)
SURFED Den Haag, The Netherlands, with Lin (May ‘08)
SURFED Den Haag, The Netherlands, with Inez (May ‘08)
SURFED Amsterdam, The Netherlands, with Carsten (Apr ‘08)
SURFED Prague, Czech Republic, with Zach (Apr ‘08)
SURFED Marrakech, Morocco, with Marouane (Mar ‘08)
SURFED Zadar, Croatia, with Ivana (Mar ‘08)
HOSTED Kamila & Agnes, Poland (Feb ‘08)
SURFED Venice, Italy, with Leo (Feb ‘08)
HOSTED Nate & Merhawi, California, USA (Feb ‘08)
HOSTED Ernesto, Mexico (Feb ‘08)
HOSTED Morten & Malik, Denmark (Feb ‘08)

SURFED Kosice, Slovakia, with Sam (Dec ‘07)
SURFED Prague, Czech Republic, with Zach (Dec ‘07)
SURFED Berlin, Germany, with Sebastian (Dec ‘07)
HOSTED Mathew, Australia (Dec ‘07)
HOSTED Thom, Pennsylvania, USA (Nov ‘07)
HOSTED Anthony & Cecily, Cali., USA (Oct ‘07)
HOSTED Brent, Pennsylvania, USA (Oct ‘07)
HOSTED Keveen, France (Sept ‘07)
SURFED Cork, Ireland, with James (Sept ‘07)
SURFED Dublin, Ireland, with Robin Mike & Peter (Aug ‘07)
SURFED Liverpool, England, with Amy (Aug ‘07)


SO MANY ! aaaaaaaaaa! big into philosophical musings and tend to posit a perspective imbued with a veritable marriage of phenomenology and deconstructionism... ha. broadening and deepening my perspective of all things at all times and using said illumination to inform our own evolving take on the nature (and the nurture) of things and non-things. Don't worry... we're also interested in reveling in light-heartedness and humor and are compelled by simplicity, brevity, harmlessness...

i love music. in a synesthetic, transcendent way... lazing around and sharing music and music videos as a means of getting to know and connecting with someone new. i'm interested in the human condition, the construction of culture, value, truth, and am eternally enmeshed in a beautiful mental/spiritual/emotional struggle of grasping and finding peace in the way things be.

  • culture
  • flying
  • music

Musica, film e libri

Books::::: Italo Calvino, Nabokov, Picasso's poetry, T.S. Eliot, John Irving, artist's biographies creative non-fiction of all kinds, essays on art theory, and children's books (Roald Dahl, Shel Silverstein...)

Movies:::: Songs from the Second Floor, Du Levande, Amelie, Annie Hall, Midnight Cowboy, Synechdoche NY, Fantastic Mr. Fox, L'Auberge Espagnole, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, The Triplets of Belleville... anything by Wes Anderson, Roy Andersson or Charlie Kaufman. Classic Sesame Street & Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood.

Una cosa incredibile che ho fatto

Riding my bicycle naked through the streets of Philadelphia!

Insegna, impara, condividi


Paesi che ho visitato

Argentina, Bahamas, Belgium, Cambodia, Canada, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Lesotho, Malawi, Mexico, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Netherlands, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Syrian Arab Republic, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States, Vatican City State, Zimbabwe

Paesi in cui ho vissuto

Italy, South Africa, United States

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