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  • 36, Female
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  • Artist/Massage Therapist
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  • 来自Providence, RI, USA
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Born in the smallest city in the smallest state, within a country of dreamers:
I am an artist. I didn't want to be an artist when I grew up but, experiences have a way of shifting perspectives. Art is about sharing perspectives. Travel is experiencing geographical perspective. Meeting new people in new places, being exposed to new foods and nature, immersing in the culture of a new place and taking in as much of the beauty of this country, with my five senses, as humanly possible are things that I live for. In another forty-fifty years, these will be the memories that place a smile on my face.
I am outgoing, although my small talk still needs some work. I enjoy deep conversations that stir up thoughts and sharing ideas. I like opinions, even the ones we don't share. I admire passion and tenacity. I love to listen to the stories that make you, you.

我为什么加入 Couchsurfing

Why not? Traveling in the traditional sense disconnects us from the true experience of a place. I love being a tourist but, I enjoy it even more being a friend. It is an opportunity to connect to the pulse of that city and see it from the inside out.


Include but are not limited to:
painting, copper, water, food, flowers, reading, hiking, live music, new places, new people ...

  • arts
  • culture
  • beauty
  • dining
  • flowers
  • reading
  • traveling
  • painting
  • music
  • live music
  • hiking


Top 3

Bob Marley
Billie Holiday

Gone with the Wind
Alice in Wonderland

Godel Escher Bach: an eternal golden braid
The Prophet
Alice in Wonderland


I saved someone's life.


Art, conversation, a passion for food, a bit of myself.


Aruba, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico


United States

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