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About Me

Baby Born
We are now couch and breakfast
Hold us to it fresh bakeries
5 minute showers only
We got some mosquitoes in November haha
So strange

funny video of australian teens

another funny video making fun of California people

Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.
some of the most beautiful singing I ever heard, like angels from heaven pure
tear jerker

favorite commerical

Charles and Olga
she is a missionary student
me Real Estate Manager
online student and governmant watchdog
see govt corruption put on your american voice and call Senator Kristen Gildebrands office (212) 688-6262
Have TV show on MNN channel 34 mon 9PM where I help bring Govt Transparency

funny video of old married couples

fun fact about Jesus alien for sure God but in old testament there are 54 prophecies for Messiah to fullfill the odds of fulfilling all is 4 x 10 to the 100 power or 100 zeros. Googley huh?

of so called christians, hope this verse helps them.

if your in the central park area allow me to buy you some lunch or dinner and tell you about the place

always call before you come then tell when exactly you will be outside
I have a free number 1-877-771-5548
so you can call for free from public phone
also small luggage please small roller case carryone size

THanks to everyone that brings me gifts, if possible
no sweets in the future or alchohol
better KVAS or saurkraut of some natural healthy food from your country
love dried seeweed

check out my website

funny angela merkel parody

funny video making fun of french kids

email me on

I usually have at least 3-5 other couch surfers here
so you probablly will have others to hang out with
there are 6 beds right now 4 girls one leaving tommorow

fostering couch kids for 5 years now from 2 nights up to 150 nights

If you snore sorry not a place for you

my new
40+ probably too old to be hosting cool young backpackers, live in Large studio with an extra office
very high ceilings built of loft thats pretty private and I have couches with 2 small dogs and a cat

I also rent rooms to tourists and am
Looking for someone to exchange place to stay and some money to help with guests
I do some home study courses and my business is home based which is good and bad. I have some pets and like the outdoors and healthy living , working out . Playing golf and horseback riding interests me . Sailing skiing.
Always like to learn new things and meet new people

Would like to find a good church, but in Manhattan is very difficult, and would like to film different churches for my TV show on free cable

Please be quiet inside building and no hanging around entrance to building

Its an old building so no big bags neighbors complain
there is luggage storage for 10 USD per day nearby

Garbage disposal is a problem people putting in the wrong cans.. so let me dispose of garbage

sorry for all the rules, we welcome travelers


iphone create raditaion check out iphone app for popping popcorn

This is the best journalism I have ever seen about the
real politics of isreal not the nonsense your see on TV

Why I’m on Couchsurfing


im hoping to travel in the future but dont think I would ask anyone for a couch I like hosting and hearing about different places and peoples..

still believe Hospitaltyclub which was designed to foster world peace and CS can do this. We are probably the worst threat to world peace on the planet after isreal I suppose so we need to learn from the rest of the world.


So if you want to hang out I like to go church in harlem or to mormon chuck, also IHOP in harlem has great breakfast.

Brand new 100 dollar cat box impossible to smell cleans itself , new renovated loftbed away from main living room area. curtains for privacy have had 2 CS people use it with good results.

I like Ninja surfers no one in the building see's you coming or going unoticed

one time we had way to many people I guess I some guests were sharing beds with sort of strangers. I guess I could share with a very very gay womean guest

This is a primer on how to loose a case by prosecution


guitar Ralph Nader traditions

this guy raised someone from the dead .. and healed lots of people.. he is board certified surgeon and works in a hospital not in some clininc in Africa

this guy found easy cure for cancer

Americans are the worst people on the planet, we have people in prision for petty offenses serving life sentances..
The Envy of Europe

white people going to prison maybe a short time 4 months for nothing.. and 4 months in a NYC prison well..

Help americans open their hearts or show in art and movies the blackness of our hearts..

We are a police state and its all NY city to blame.. open your eyes and open your mouth and say something. becasue it has come and is coming to a village near you.

Police sent to a 5 years olds house for an overdue book
little girl crying

CHildren arrested 8 year old becasue he said he thought the teacher was pretty

Police hold 9 year old for custody for 8 hours becasue he had a fight with another little boy

Trayvon Martin Police didnt tell his parents about his body for 3 days..

This is a war on Citizens by the uber rich and Larry Elisons and Bill and Melinda Gates the Wendy WIlliams and STar Jones of this world

Alons ela de la partria la jua de gloria et arrive
countre vous de la tyrannia

ALons Citoen forme vous battalioin

I love how europeans hated george bush, he was awful indeed but Bloomberg was an exact copy and a jew with a long history of oppression and nobody from the continent had any problem with him, just loved him so fake

and if your envious of a guy no real career few if any friends
you need serious help
One thing for sure your a kwea

Music, Movies, and Books

blues rock war and peace saw 741 PARK AVENEUE realy good and Born Rich recommend them both to visitors

this commercial makes me laugh a bit

One Amazing Thing I’ve Done

climb a mountain and almost fell off road a horse and nearly smashed my brain on a tree

Countries I’ve Visited


Countries I’ve Lived In

United States

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