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stay real, stay positive, be myself, be happy! :")


I think generally I am an easygoing, openminded and sincere person. I love sharing thoughts, talking with various people and I am always energetic and happy. I appreciate my life and everything happens to me. I am a college student, and i major in VetMed since pets are my passion for life(I am always delighted by my dog's smile after a whole tiring day<3) . I have a dog and a cat on my own now! They are angels to me!
So far, I have visited several countries(like 11). Not until 2012 did I start travelling alone. And I do love what have happened during my trips. Amazing and beautiful things always happened, the same time, sad and disappointing things happened too, yet, I felt a little bit sense of me through those trips and experiences! I am thankful for the world and people who happen to walk into my life. Different cultures and people make my life more colorful and complete.


To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour.

-William Blake

我为什么加入 Couchsurfing


I don't remember! :p


I have only hosted once for 3 nights! :)
That's interesting to share my small dorm with a person never met! lol


I love my pets and jogging with my dogs. I love movies, concert(since I played the flute for 9 years), cartoons, science, handcrafts, learning languages, shopping(though i am poor:p), chatting, working(I am now an assistant in animal clinic, it's an important part of my life now :-))
And of course, travelling!!!

  • animals
  • pets
  • cats
  • dogs
  • concerts
  • shopping
  • flowers
  • cartoons
  • movies
  • traveling
  • languages
  • science


I love light music! Pop music are fine too!


Traveled in Japan in winter 2 years ago, I mistook a train and was stranded in heavy snows.(like minus 20 Celsius and all the streets and platform were covered in white) One came rescue me and sent me to my destination! Now we still keep in touch though we don't speak the same language, and he sends me photos in his hometown as weather changes which is amazing!! :-)

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