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  • Fluent in Chinese, English, French; learning Arabic (North Levantine), Indonesian, Portuguese, Sign Language - International, Spanish, Taiwanese
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About Me


Figuring out myself and where I belong:) meanwhile...balance, peace of mind and learn something new every hour!


I am a HUMAN first and foremost. I travel to see our beautiful world and see my fellow humans. I love our Earth, our life, our adventure. a cloud admirer a fortune bringer a rationale supporter a flower smeller a boat rocker a community builder a team leader a chocolate gorger a star gazer a people watcher a truth seeker a peace maker a love spreader a poetry jotter a conversation starter a tree hugger a utopian dreamer a salad eater a wave jumper a purpose finder a fire feeder an adventure junky a bicycle rider an air breather a thunder photographer ;-) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Been called: a corporate hippy 外國人 ha'ole Abrune Gringa Farang an athlete a fool an activist $&@?#%*+ tough kind greatful an egg....as opposed to a banana. a good daughter a horrible sister a fantastic friend une anglophone a westerner an epicurean a socialist a capitalist a communist (hmmm really? I do like this one though as I am currently looking for an intentional community anyone who thinks I fit in somewhere, would love to know about it) a problem solver a philosopher a cream puff an artist an art appreciater a baller a free 'spirit' an infidel a saint a bastard :) by Mel Gibson, get back to ye roots ya ol' bastard! a global citizen a person who has made mistakes a lucky girl... Hydrophilic How does one define one's self really?!? ...I am what I am...I Am That I Am...

~NO DIFFERENCE~ Small as a peanut Big as a giant, We're all the same size When we turn off the light. Red black or orange, Yellow or white We all look the same When we turn off the light. So maybe the way To make everything right Is for God to just reach out And turn off the light! ~Shel Silverstein~

(I don't care for the god part but the concept is spot on!!!)

~Magic Carpet~ You have a magic carpet That will whiz you through the air, To Spain or Maine or Africa If you just tell it where. So will you let it take you Where you’ve never been before, Or will you buy some drapes to match And use it On your Floor? ~shel silverstein~


i bleed red blood and was born from a mother. i currently reside on earth, the place i call home. if you breathe breath you are my brethren. ~ Every stranger is a potential friend ~ I play sports, I am no spectator ~ I don't celebrate holydays, I celebrate everyday! ~ Share ~ Waste nothing ~ love unconditionally ~ Life is an opportunity for betterment of myself, self growth and improvement is my momentary purpose. ~ Health=Freedom ~ EFFICIENCY!!! ~ Smile .... Because it is a choice! ~ basically i follow only rules that make sense and the golden rule makes sense! Do onto others as you wish done unto you! (So simple!) ~ I don't need to believe in rainbows and unicorns, although rainbows are in fact an incredible natural physical-world phenomena and unicorns would be magnificant if they were real but they are not so I do not dwell (if ya know what I mean) ~ It is true I do not like to break a nail, however if really living life results in a broken finger nail, well so be it, c'est la vie! ~ Wait maybe I do believe in unicorns... I did hear an unexplained noise outside a tent in what was clearly unicorn inhabitable terrain.. ~ I love unicorns ~ Just be nice ~ "Everything in moderation including moderation just don't be overly immoderate in the moderating of the moderation " -cc (couldnt have said it better. ¬muchos gracias senior Colin!) ~ I just HATE PLASTIC AND PERSONALLY think it should be illegal to produce such hazardous waste!!!!

~le voyage fantastique ;-)

Why I'm on Couchsurfing


(I found this sentence on a post card of the world I bought while I was traveling through Syria)

-In 1867 Mark Twain made a five-month pleasure pilgrimage from America to explore Mediterranean Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. From his experiences he wrote..."travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow mindedness. Broad wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be aquired by vegetating in one little corner of the world all one´s lifetime" ...


When I surf it gives me access to the locals and the local way of life, when I host it brings the world to my home and a chance to show the world my way of life :) basically it is a win win win situation!!

Have hosted in.... Taipei, Taiwan Bozeman, United States Have surfed almost all over the world!

visited 37 states (16.4%)Create your own visited map of The World or Free iphone travel guide


(in no particular order) ~alternative energy~kayaking~flowers ~mountain biking biking biking and more biking ~politics~trees~encontro~social justice~life ~sustainable development~rationalism ~hot springs:) HOT springs and HOtter springs~capoeira ~watering plants~Kambucha~dancing~poetry~blue green algae~hitch hiking~trees~tattoos~shadows n reflections~sitting under a waterfall~aboriginal-wisdom~peace ~not killing humanity along with nature by human's stupid choices~wikipedia (wow the wonders of technology!)~dictators ~TED talks~equality for EVERYone!~ORGANIC EVERYTHING ~Mountain Climbing/trekking~harmony~Mui Thai (Thai Kick boxing) ~surfing~(anything incolve the ocean!)~vegetarian everything ~a good story~listening Qur'an~yoga~photography~silence ~trees~swimming in natural rivers or lakes or the ocean(particularly the Ocean!) ~socialism³~permaculture~SCUBA~languages ~Intentional communities~a different perspective ~chocolate hmmm the love of me life!~the sweet smell of a flower ~watching ants working hard~have I mentioned trees yet...;) ~walking (without a destination)~getting lost~letting the wind blow me

...but in reality I could be interested in just about anything just introduce it to me because i really love NEW things!!!

Music, Movies & Books

I don't own a TV so most show references are lost on me Favourite movies include: Medicine Man Emerald Forest Powder Indiana Jones Lady hawk AGORA Fern Gully What the Bleep do we know? Into the Wild Children of Men Mary and Max District 9 (because it happens everyday!!) Zeitgeist 天空之城 Seven Pounds The Green Mile Trolls Up Run Lola Run Home The last unicorn The Red Violin Diarios de motocicleta office space...did you get that memo..HA! Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind !!! Big Fish The Phantom of the Opera (inside ur mind) Waltzing with Bashir Any Documentaries that have a point.

Among my favourite figures are: Bill Hicks Noam Chomsky Epicurus (some say I am the modern version of) Frank Lloyd Wright Eddie Griffin Bill Mollison (father of permaculture) Michael Reynolds (earthship guy) Naomi Klein Harry Belafont Dr. Andrew Weil Eckhart Tolle Sebastian Horsley "live life and then reflect on it" Jacque Fresco Napoleon;) George Carlin Xavior Rudd Alex Jones Hypatia of Alexandria Khalil Gibran Dr. Martin Luther king jr. Carl Sagan Edgar Allen Poe Rumi Deepak Chopra "survival of the fittest-old paradim the new paradim is survival of the wisest" Arundhati Roy

some all time favourite books include: Animal Farm Celestine Prophecy Life of pi What got you here won't get you there Freaknomics The world is Flat Brave New World Shantaram The Giving Tree Siddharta The Little Prince Emergency Sex and other desperate measures The power of habbit The Story Of B Diet for a New America 1984 (of course)

The Economist Mother Jones National Geographic The Onion

Or whatever I can get my hands on in a language I can understand.

As for music, hmmmm anything with a beat I can dance to, I am a dancer by soul!

One Amazing Thing I've Done

every morning I wake up and take a breath.

And falling in love.. Not so much the falling out of love part though...that really hurts.

Teach, Learn, Share

I want to learn anything that adds to the good in the world and I try to understand as much as possible. I can teach you anything I have experienced including: PERMACULTURE! yoga (Hatha) Human Resource training methods Some Chinese medicine Nutrition Interview, Service, and Team building Skills Massage gratitude intercultural dealings a different perspective Systems efficiency consulting some delicious desserts (vegan) personal feng shui how to smile Vegan cooking Chinese (mandarin) environmentally friendly techniques I can cut hair quite well (never tried teaching how to though) how to see the positive how to hug a tree so they hug you back :) strait politics (taiwan-china)* *but I must disclaimer I am very bias as I love that little island and it is bull shit that it and the people who reside on top cannot get international recognition of existence even in medical emergency situations so some world-power hungry capitalists can make more money (paper with faces and numbers on it!!!) What age are we living in, really?

If a system is not working....CHANGE IT!!(and I would be happy to share with you how:)

But to be honest, the only thing I truly know is that I don't know much of anything ;~)

What I Can Share With Hosts

Anything I might know...(see above)

Countries I've Visited

Argentina, Brazil, Cambodia, China, Dominican Republic, France, Ghana, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Jordan, Korea, Republic of, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mexico, Nepal, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Syrian Arab Republic, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Vatican City State, Viet Nam

Countries I've Lived In

Australia, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, United States

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